Sunday, September 2, 2012

Making Magic

This is a picture of a sprinkler.  I know, pretty boring.
It's so boring, it's not even my photo, or my sprinkler.
I mean, who takes a picture of their sprinkler?

But, add some sunlight and a zoom lens gone wacky and...

The sprinkled water turns into small squares of white paper or...

A sky-full of magical, shimmering bubbles.
Yeah, that's right, I have a magic sprinkler :)


  1. Fantastic photos.
    Water droplets are like little pearls.

    1. Thank you Lucia, imagine if they were real pearls!

  2. Beauty in life doesn't have to be billion dollar thing.... :) so sweet.

    1. Thank you, this is officially one of my favourite comments, beautiful sentiment (and it's the truth).

  3. Very pretty and looks like fun.

    As a follow up to my macro photography comment....I was able to take some wonderful macros with my Lumix superzoom also. The Raynox lens attaches to it as well. I only bought my DSLR in April this year. I find I can get closer with my Lumix + Raynox than with my DSLR+ 50mm+ Raynox but don't have the same amount of control over depth of field.
    Here's a good example of macro with my Lumix super zoom (DMC FZ35) by itself before I bought the Raynox.
    My children manage to take some great macros with their little pocket cameras too. A matter of experimenting with what you have available.

  4. Great photos of the drops! Great camera!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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