Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Autumn Rays

Is there such a thing as a solemn autumn?

How can that be
When trees decorate themselves with baubles

And colourful clouds
Swirl among their branches

When water glows with lights
From somewhere
Deep within

And lemon-yellow leaves wave to us
from crisp blue skies

The forest may darken earlier in the day

But lights are left on for us to find our way as the sun

Wishes us goodnight

And the Autumn winds play a song

Only the heavy-headed grasses can hear

There is no time for solemn days
When the world is painted gold.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Haunted Halloween

They say, that in the midnight hour,
on the Eve of Halloween

The disembodied have the power

To wander seen, unseen

Up the wizened oaks

And across the fairy stream

They glide through still

And solemn places

With pale, cold, mournful faces
To dream...

Wishing you a happy, h a u n t e d Halloween!

Text modified from Midnight and Moonshine by William Motherwell.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Dragonfly Dreams

I live in the middle of suburbia.
A land of sidewalks, paved driveways and every now and then
a teensy, tiny greenspace.

We looked long and hard to find our house
and chose it because of its12,000 square foot lot
 in a well-treed neighbourhood.

But, was I going to find dragonflies here?
Of course not...
That is, until I planted my garden
and they began to visit

Even then, a dragonfly pond?
Can you even build one just for dragonflies?

It turns out, you can :)

It took us a few years of experimenting and educating ourselves
before we recognized the Pond Dragons (dragonfly larvae)
that scuttled along the muddy bottom of the water.

This is the first year I saw them emerge...
from my pond...
my Dragonfly Pond.
I am over the moon and beyond happy.

In the first photo:
I rescued a dragonfly from the rising pond water.
Its wings had not yet hardened enough
for it to fly away.

In the second photo:
Something twinkling in my apple tree caught my eye.
It turned out to be a dragonfly drying its wings
in the sunlight.

In the final photo:
- Best of all -
I witnessed several dragonflies
laying their eggs in the moss near the water
which means...
more dragonflies will be born in
Dragonfly Pond!

Dragonfly dreams do come true :)

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Onward To October

October began today with a quick change of weather
plunging us instantly into Autumn.

At the end of last month,
we were equally awed and spooked
by a Blood Moon caused by the lunar eclipse
on September 27th.

Since then, we have been treated,
to glowing red skies and

with such a profound glow
that their colours seep into my windows
drawing my eyes, like a magnet,
to the sky.

Even the flowers,
long since having lost their petals
but eager to join in the celebrations 
have taken to catching the last light of day
in their seedy legs
causing all kinds of eerie patterns
for me to capture.

For now, I'm enjoying every red moment :)

And before we know it,
Halloween will be here!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Seed Of Dreams

Milkweed seeds send my imagination into flight.
It must be their soft white hairs
and the way they cling to their mother's shell
as they dance with every passing breeze.

They remind me of children.

As a parent,
I can't help but see
the caramel-coloured husk
as a home,
with all the children tucked safely inside,
protected from the harshness of the weather.

It will take a determined gust of wind
to finally pull them free.

They'll soar into the sky,
giddy with their freedom,
sparkling in the sunlight,
on their way to new opportunities.

The parent's job is done.

we gave them wings
so they can fly.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Secret Garden

I know of a garden, you might know one too,
It hides a big secret, as all gardens do.

There's magic in this place, and wonders to be found.
Creatures pass through it, with barely a sound.

They don't say too much, they're busy you see,
They're not in the garden to entertain me.

To each flower they fly, in a blinding zoom,
They're making sure, each plant will bloom.

Some inch along, wearing fabulous fur,
They must eat a lot, so transformation can occur.

Others lay out traps, and then run to hide,
Only when it rains can you see the gems inside.

At the end of every day there shines a special light,
Made of all different colours, so beautiful and bright.

That's the secret of a garden, tell others if you dare,
Understand that if you do, they will want to join you there.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Personalities Of Pink

Sometimes pink arrives with trumpets.
Deep and throaty,
they shout out from
the back of the garden.

Their personality is unmistakeable;
tall and stately,
they command my attention.

Sometimes pink arrives with a twinkle,
with a momentary flash
that catches my eye,
as if a fairy has suddenly fluttered by.

Did I really see it?
Or, was it just my imagination?

Sometimes pink plays tricks on me.
It hides behind things,
choosing objects that are transparent,
then takes on their form,
like this spider's web.

Sometimes pink has a job to do.

It colours the petals
that create this fortress,
to hide, from potential thieves,
a fortune of
sun-infused jewels.

Sometimes pink attracts things
that like sweetness,
like bees and wasps
and flies

And sometimes pink arrives
without a sound.
I notice the garden is quiet,
serene, peaceful
and calm.

That's how I know
pink has

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Mysterious Life

Life is mysterious.
It's not straight and easy to navigate.
It's not easy to see all,
or know all.

It's full of curious characters.
Some are obvious,
while others are hidden,
 to be discovered along the way.

There are many bends in the road.
Part of life is clear and right in front of you
but who knows what lies ahead.

And that's what makes it interesting.

There are shocks and surprises
as we battle danger and adversity.
There is friendship and love
in the connections we make along the way.

We build on what we learn.

Life is fragile and precious
and that's what makes it valuable.

Cherish each moment.