Thursday, February 21, 2013

Up To My Neck!

Yes, you can feel sorry for me...
While you're all showing off your wonderful spring buds and blooms,
I'm up to my neck,
at least up to my knees
in snow!

And it's not old, on-the-way-out snow.
It's brand-new, white, fluffy snow, the kind that says winter is just beginning.
Yes, your spring photos have given me cabin fever.

In response to my last photo of the gigantic mystery holes in the tree trunks,
I can only think of one bird with a tool powerful enough to drill that deep...

That's right!  It's a Pileated Woodpecker.
As soon as I can dig my way out of the house I'll head over to the park to see what he's been up to since my last visit.

That's if he's left any trees standing,
to see :)


  1. Bonsoir je dois sortir mais je repasse ensuite regarder ces superbes oiseaux bise

  2. Brilliant post, and the Woodpecker is magnificent, cheers Rosemary.

  3. Nice pictures you show - hold on you have a lot of snow. Flöte picture showing the woodpecker. The weather here currently.: There is "a little snow" but also bare ground - minus 2.5 degrees, but because of the wind it feels very cold.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog. Wish you a good Thursday :) Hanne Bente

  4. BONSOIR et bien tu vois je suis de retour et je vais te dire bravo
    ton pic est superbe et toutes tes photos je les adore
    quel beau spectacle je trouve
    BISE et bonne soirée

  5. That is one beautiful bird, his golden eyes and that magnificent red mohican - what a shot Rosemary.
    Now I see what you mean about your post and mine. Basically blogging has exaggerated the differences between us. Before you didn't see spring emerging elsewhere but now you do. It is similar to observing the wonderful summer flowers in the southern hemisphere as we drift off into winter. You know that it happens, but previously we weren't confronted by it.
    However, another load of snow!!!, well....... I don't not know what encouraging things to say, except perhaps it is the last snow of the winter and next week it will all rapidly melt away.

  6. I saw the first Pileated Woodpecker of my life last month at Red River Gorge. I was so excited!!!

  7. Trochę dużo świeżego śniegu spadło, może nawet za dużo. A dziecioł, który zrobił otwór w drzewie jest śliczny. Pozdrawiam.
    A bit of fresh snow has fallen a lot, maybe even too much. A woodpecker, who made a hole in the tree is beautiful. Yours.

  8. We have more than half a meter snow here as well. So, you can be sure I know the feeling! Such a great picture of a woodpecker!

  9. Spring fever? Not in my Connecticut garden, alas. The old knee-deep snow is trying to melt, but I'm expecting more for the weekend. Wouldn't want my knees to get too warm.

    Happy (woodpecker) hunting.

  10. That is a very beautiful shot of the Pileated WP!!! Hope spring will make an appearance sometime in the near future for you! I guess you probably don't want to know that it was 80 degrees here today, but it did get into the 40's one day this week. My son was so unhappy to have to wear a coat!

  11. It may be annoying but it really is beautiful! Winter isn't over here fact...far from it so you are not alone!

  12. Well, we in Chicago are showing solidarity by having a snowstorm tonight. Aren't you grateful? I love the picture of the pilleated woodpecker. We have hairy, downy, and red bellied woodpeckers, plus northern flickers, but no pilleated woodpeckers.

  13. Your shot of the woodpecker is wonderful! We still don't have very nice weather here so don't feel bad. Snow can be nice too ;-)

  14. Hi Rosemary, beautiful! That woodpecker capture is amazing!

  15. I am envious of your snow and of that amazing picture of the woodpecker--We have them here and I've found them to be just as elusive as a snowfall! :-) Stay warm, and enjoy your evening!!

  16. Wow! This is a colourful bird! Beautiful!!!
    Rosemary, spring WILL arrive you know, don't despair, try to enjoy the snow a little longer.... ???? ....Thinking of you....
    The snow has gone here, but it is very cold and there did fall some fresh snow but not the amounts you're talking about. I can imagine even snow is something you've had enough of at some point. This has been a very unusually cold winter over here as well, and I've never in my whole life known a winter with as much snow as we got this year.

  17. Lovely images! I love pileated woodpeckers (although they can make a racket). We saw them frequently when we lived on the mountain; here on the lake I've only seen other smaller woodpeckers.

  18. Rosemary, yes, I was right, it was a woodpecker! Very colorful bird, hard worker, once I saw him trying to make a hole in a concrete pillar!!

  19. Beautiful pictures Rosemary, the third is really quite amazing.
    Greetings Irma

  20. Beautiful winter captures Rosemary!
    Love the woodpecker...
    Warm greetings from Holland,
    Anna :))

  21. Oh quelle chance vous avez eu de pouvoir prendre en flagrant délit ce superbe pic ! Vos photos sont superbes... mais brrr! la neige devient pesante à l'aube du printemps, n'est-ce pas ?
    Gros bisous à vous

  22. Oh Rosebuds, I feel for you. I hope you will keep warm and pray for you that Spring will come soon.
    Meanwhile, I have a cure for your cabin fever..
    Will post more lovely flowers on my blog ;))
    Take it easy, this will pass you'll see.

    Have a lovely weekend indoor.

  23. Great picture of the Pileated! They've started drumming here.

  24. Hallo dear Rosemarie :-)
    I love the snow, and your snow pictures! the contrast with the black bird is perfect!
    How pretty is the chop-chop-chop bird, and so close-up it seems to hear him "chopping" :-)
    have a beautiful Sunday,
    hallo, ciao ciao

  25. Beautiful combination of nature and art Rosemary a beautiful species the Pileated Woodpecker.

    Have a nice weekend,

  26. Sorry about your new snow! It is a beautiful sight for those of us who seldom get to see it.

  27. And what a woodpecker. Beautiful picture of the woodpecker Rosemary. Also you (it is a heron image) in the snow is very beautiful. What a snow when you say!

  28. The snow may be a nuisance after a while , but the photos are really pretty. And your woodpecker is gorgeous, never saw one like this.

  29. Wonderful! I like it! A beautiful
    photographic art. Bravo!

  30. That shot of the woodpecker 'caught in the act' is brilliant. I appreciate how the tree branches throw shadows on its body picking put the details of its feathers.


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