Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hello Stranger

After my last post of doom, gloom and (freezing to) death you'll be happy to know that all the ducks are fine.

They are not just fine they are splashing and quacking and fighting with each other, doing everything ducks are supposed to do.

Except of course: be here when the temperatures are still way too cold for them.  This is the forecast for the next few days.

As you can see they are acting as if it is the middle of summer!

I don't know how my husband spotted this.
Out of about 150 Mallard ducks he finds one that is different from all the others.

It took me a while to find its name.  It is a Northern Pintail. 

According to this map he isn't even supposed to be in Canada right now.
(The dark blue area is where they winter.)

I guess that's the last time he takes directions from the Mallards :)

I have to say I'm happy he stopped by.  Isn't he handsome?

And yes, he likes to splash around just like everyone else :)


  1. wat een prachtige serie van de eenden en dan die pijlstaarteend geweldig mooi,maar het is bij jullie behoorlijk winter,wat een temparatuur ,daar moeten wij niet aan denken. mooie log heeft u.

  2. BEAUTIFUL pictures Rosemary,
    my goodness's gonne be very cold there the next days.

    Warm Greetings from Holland, Joop

  3. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrr some cold Rosemarie with you I should not think,
    But the ducks go anyway whatever they wanted to see me, and what is that pintail duck nicely say,
    I again enjoyed so thanks for the show!
    regards, Annie

  4. Rosemay, the misfit is very personable and genuine.
    I really like the ducks are so beautiful.
    I send greetings.

  5. Oby prognoza pogody się nie sprawdziła i nie było tak zimno. Kaczki cudne, a szczególnie urocza jest ta jedyna. Pozdrawiam.
    May the weather forecast is not checked and it was not so cold. Ducks wonderful, especially charming is the one. Yours.

  6. Wow Rosemary, Lucky you, the pintail duck stopped by! He is a handsome one between all those wildies!

  7. Oh Rosemary, your pictures are amazng as always and the pintail duck is very handsome! I hope the ducks don't freeze to death!

  8. Absolutely delightful pictures, Rosemary! All the ducks are so cute and adorable. How nice to see them enjoy their time despite the temperatures being so harsh, I can imagine myself doing nothing but freezing in such low numbers. The Northern Pintail is a great catch, he is indeed very handsome! :)

  9. Indeed he is handsome! It amazes me how ducks and geese withstand the cold.

  10. This duck is unusual and elegant. Great shots! I've not thought you are in still frost right now. Take care, be warm!

  11. Hello Rosemary, beautiful pictures of duck, the pintail is really nice, well photographed.
    But what is still cold with you, here it freezes not, perhaps it is this weekend again freeze.
    Greetings Irma

  12. Realmente preciosas todas las imágenes!!Un abrazo grande.

  13. Beautiful pictures, great shoots! And those tempreatures reminds me of Norway, where I come from, I know exactly what minus 30 (and even below) feels like ;-) Wrap up and stay warm!

  14. un bon bain pour les ailes

  15. Awesome pictures! Have a great weekend!

  16. Awww..just look at that Pintail, trying to woo you by showing off his act.
    He is handsome for sure and he knows that..LOL!
    Your shots of them all in action is awesome.
    Makes me feel like dipping in the sea right now for some splash myself!
    Spring is in for sure :)

  17. Wow! what's cool!!!!
    The wild ducks are anyway always very nice, but you pintail duck is really beautiful. Great that you got for your lens :-)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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