Monday, February 4, 2013

Just Don't Do It!

I've posted about this strange situation before.
This is a man-made mini lake.  This hole in the ice exists because there is an underwater current maintained by the administrators of this park to keep the water from stagnating.

These ducks SHOULD have migrated.
It is not natural nor healthy for them to be here.

And here is the source of the problem.

These ducks only stay here because they are being fed.

Even though signs around the park
ask/tell/explain to people why they should
feed the ducks,
they continue to feed them.
Bags of food.

Yesterday I heard a woman explaining to some passersby that "these poor ducks would die if it weren't for her daily feedings."

The number of ducks have increased from about 25 in the fall to almost 150 now.

Every time they hear footsteps coming, they jump from the ice and dive into the water, rushing to be fed.
What a shame.


  1. It is the same everywhere, here are the ducks fed with bread.
    It is better if they can provide for their food, but the people gaag continues to execute.
    Greetings Irma

  2. I agree with's a good post Rosemary !!

    Greetings, joop

  3. very informative post!
    great photographs

    xoxo, Juliana | PJ’ Happies :) | PJ’ Ecoproject

  4. It's a shame that people's lack of knowledge and understanding - and their misplaced kindness is actually hurting the very same animals they are trying to help. It is a bit like that here in London with the 30 000 foxes we have here, which some people insist on feeding. And information campaigns seem to go right over their heads. Thanks for your photos and info, sad but important.

  5. Ludzie myślą, że robią dobrze, ale niestety robią krzywdę ptakom. Pozdrawiam.
    People think they are doing well, but unfortunately they do harm to the birds. Yours.

  6. Jeez! People just don't get it. Doing bad, thinking they're doing good – despite a sign's excellent explanation. Reminds me of people who feed pigeons and squirrels in squares and parks around the world. I wonder if the ducks, because of their increased numbers, become a nuisance during the summer, fouling the water and the land around it.

  7. They meant well but instead their kindness kills. Some people don't read signboards too.

  8. Rosemary, it is everywhere.
    People give swans, ducks bread.
    Contained in the bread salt kills birds.
    Your photos are beautiful.
    Have a great week.

  9. Yep, I agree with you 200%...
    The problem unfortunately is world wide.
    In Africa, tourists feed baboons from their cars and they don't understand why all of a sudden some become so bold that they are a danger and will not hesitate to bite if they cant' get what they are after.
    Result: they have to be put down...
    Poor ducks... The police should fine heavily anyone they catch feeding them.
    Good you brought the subject up!
    Keep well, Rosemary!

  10. Oh wow. That is a HUGE increase in the duck population!

  11. Many water birds spend their winters in cold winter regions as long as there is open water and a food source. Some of the birds decide to stay, others winter here as they have always done.

    I agree, people shouldn't feed them bread. Longtail ducks, Goldeneye's feed on vegetation, fish and crustaceans.

    Does this man made body of water have natural sources of food for the waterfowl?

    1. Thanks for answering Daniel, I think the city is as much to blame for keeping the water running and creating the hole in the ice (although they may not have a choice.) If I'm correct there isn't a lot for the ducks to eat right now, especially not for the numbers that are congregating in this one spot. If there wasn't someone feeding them regularly they would have moved on.

  12. These are wild ducks, but in this way when they are be fed they become tame ducks! Unfortunately this happens everywhere!

  13. The message board certainly couldn't be clearer - some people are a law unto themselves, and think that they know best, when in this case they obviously don't.

  14. oh, Rosemary I'm so sorry for those ducks.. here is warmer and is normal they are begging for food every time of the year but they never migrate because it^s warm enough for them..

  15. This is just not right. The relationship between man and animals is so complex, and we end up harming them even with intentions to help. This situation seems pretty clear -- the sign says explicitly why the ducks should not be fed, but then people do it anyway. Discouraging.

  16. We should use that post down here. Even though they won't freeze in central Florida. I see people standing in front of the signs that say "Feeding ducks is against the law" while feeding them. I just don't understand. Your shots are beautiful though.

  17. So sad. I hope they make it through the winter.

  18. Pretty ducks but not a pretty story. Poor animals. I hope they will survive this after all and people will start using their good sense and take the many signs seriously.

  19. It's unlikely that the people feeding the ducks will be dissuaded by signs. Children need to be educated in school so they understand why interfering with nature like this creates problems - perhaps in a generation or two this issue will be solved.

    Very colourful, however.

  20. Hello Rosemary,
    I understand though that they are not allowed to be fed, but it is tempting to give them something.
    I've also always hard time!
    So much food is no longer in that cold water also plants die under the ice and I've seen many a dead duck and lie there crying my heart!
    The photos are sweet,
    Thanks for the show,
    regards, Annie

  21. Hi Rosemary, that is too bad that people make choices that aren't in the best interest of the birds:( Hope they survive the frigid temps!

  22. Rosemary, I know some places like this, here, where ducks are fed during the winter and they didn't migrate to warm places. I think it's the people's fault, the pity isn't good for ducks.

  23. Rosemary, it is so sad and annoying when human beings react irresponsible and selfish and harm wild life that way. I always get worked up when I read stories like this!

  24. Hello Rosemary,

    I totally agree with you and yet happened anywhere in the world the same. Very potatoes that you paid attention to. Beautiful pictures and the signs that are there leave nothing to be desired.
    Kind regards, Helma

  25. What a shame people ignore the signs, killing the ducks with kindness.

  26. Great pics but this a shame Rosemary.
    Those poor ducks will die soon :(
    Can't something be done to these offenders?


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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