Friday, February 1, 2013

Just One

No Murmuration here.
No starling swarm,
Sweeping across the sky like a ribbon wrapping around on itself.

Just one starling,
Fluffing its star-studded feathers to keep out the cold.

Happy to have the feeder to itself.

Wondering, perhaps, if it has come here too early,
When Spring is nowhere in sight.

I've added a link to a video of a real Murmuration of Starlings
(a flock flying together.)

What I like most about this video, aside from the spectacular sight of the cloud of birds in flight is the expression of wonder on the girl's face at the end of the video.  I know I'd feel exactly the same way she does.
I'm not a huge fan of the addition of music tracks over the sounds of nature, but, then again, it's not my video and you can always mute it out :)


  1. Beautiful pictures of the starling Rosemary, the colors are amazing, compliment.
    Greetings Irma

  2. Oh Rosemarie what's this starling now anyway love on the edge of the crib!
    I am moved by this beautiful moment thank you for this!
    regards, Annie

  3. My goodness, he looks so cold the poor thing!
    Wonderfully captured, Rosemary!
    They don't come to my garden, unfortunately!
    Cheers and keep warm!!

  4. Lovely photo's with a good sharpness.

    wish you a lovely weekend Rosemary.

    Hugs, Joop

  5. Lovely photos!

    We had a mockingbird in a tree this morning doing the same thing. Its feathers were fluffed so full that I hardly recognized what kind of bird it was.

  6. Wonderful shots, Rosemary! Poor starling, I can feel how he's cold.

  7. Lovely pictures.
    I do not know the bird. It is beautiful.
    I send greetings.

  8. I've seen that wonderful video of the murmuration before, and it is truly amazing (and yes, better with the sound on mute). Nature is incredible. I like your fluffed up starling!

  9. Incredible video. I've seen murmurations of starlings before as they seem to love this area year round. I've never seen a solitary Starling before. Perhaps blown away by the recent storms? If anyone would like more, I'd be happy to send you a few hundred of ours!

  10. "Was it something I said?" wondered the lone Starling...poor guy. I, too, have never seen a lone Starling before. In the winter, there are masses of Lesser Scaups that congregate in the river near my home, well over 30,000. When the mass decides to hit the road, it seems I always see one or two stragglers that stay behind, all alone. I always wonder if some sort of health problem caused them to stay behind. Hope you have a great weekend!

  11. These photos are really amazing! I enjoyed this post very much.

  12. Very nice pictures indeed ,also the previously birdpictures are amazing, you can really see how cold it is for the bird with the feathers all blown up to isolate from the cold!

  13. par chez moi,il y a en a une myriade

  14. I wonder if he is the scout. I hope he tells the other birds "all's fine - spring is early and the feeders are full"!

  15. Niech pozostałe ptaki żałują, bo jest tyle jedzenia w podajniku. Urocze zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Let other birds regret, because there is so much food in the feeder. Lovely pictures. Yours.

  16. Strange to see just one starling, and so up close, beuatiful bird. I've never seen murmurations like on the video, must be wonderful.

  17. Nice photos of this starling Rosemary. The clouds of starlings in the film are fascinating, but one starling is also very nice.

    Best regards,

  18. Hi Rosemary,,
    Very nice this Starling on the food silo in your garden. Also a movie. I have in my garden are still many starlings and I usually only see in the winter :-)
    very nice photos.

  19. I've seen huge flocks that like before in a town nearby. Local neighborhoods were actually using sound cannons to scare them away because they made a lot of noise and left a huge mess with their droppings. I thought the flocks were pretty cool. Starlings are much maligned but are attractive, smart birds.

    I recently picked up some cardinal climber seeds at a seed swap. Aren't they pretty easy to grow? I remember all your beautiful pix of them.

  20. Fantastic pictures. Love the pin tail! I hope they can stay warm. They should be down here. It was 65F today.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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