Monday, June 24, 2013

Sly As A Fox

Oh Foxglove
You make a fool out of me every year

I smartly plant you at the back of my perennial garden

Where you languish and *fake* die

I search through my gardening books
trying to find
what I'm doing

Next year
there you are
appearing in the front of the border
where you tower over the
other plants

When I raise my finger in your direction
to issue a stern reprimand

You lower your head
eyes filled with tears

You know your way
around my rules
around my garden
around my heart


  1. He is a real beauty - he foxes your perennial garden because like "a wolf in sheep's clothing" he is a biennial.

  2. What a wonderful hymn to the beauty of this magnificent flower!
    It is indeed one of my favourites!
    Gorgeous photos Rosemary!
    Keep well and enjoy your garden, it is a wonder!

  3. Serie de fotos que encanta, as flores são lindas.


  4. Naughty flower! It sure is beautiful as are your words and images!

  5. Foxgloves were the first flowers I've been grown.I love them as well.
    Great photos, Rosemary!

  6. Wow, I have only seen blue foxglove, in fact, a white one with a purple inside. Wowee.

  7. Lovely as always!! :-) Beautyful photos.

  8. Gosh that is so beautiful!

  9. So lovely, Rosemary. There is something about foxgloves that I really love, and you have captured them fantastically!

  10. Very nice post. Sometimes a plant's gotta be where it wants to be. I love the white with purple marks. I grow the perennial yellow foxglove.

  11. Que de jolis mots pour accompagner ces sublimes photos de vos digitales...

    Je n'ai jamais oublié l'instant où l'un de mes fils, Yannis-William, alors à peine âgé de 5 ans, débouchant le chemin où nous nous promenions, une brassée de digitales dans les bras. Tant il en avait, je ne voyais que le bout de sa frimousse, le bas de ses mollets et ses chaussures ! J'avais pris une photo... puis plus tard fait une peinture, qu'il a aujourd'hui dans sa maison !

    Votre publication me rappelle de bien beaux souvenirs...
    Merci pour ce partage.
    Gros bisous à vous.

  12. Beautiful prose and pictures! I've never grown foxgloves successfully but I do love them.

  13. Rosemary,
    I keep saying that you are really superior in floral photography and very nice composition and makes
    so I can optimally Admiring!!
    really gorgeous!

  14. Hallo Rosemary!

    ich habe sehr gefreut, dich auf meinem blog zu sehn....danke auch für deine lieben Worte!

    Die Bilder vom Digitalis sind wirklich toll- hier in Deutschland heisst er auch "Fingerhut" !!!

    Liebe Grüsse

    ...bis bald!

  15. Oh Rosemary , you always make me smile with your wonderful text :-) Love Digitalis, but they are indeed unpredictable !

  16. I love foxgloves. They're one of my favorites. Mine don't bloom this summer, because they're so small. Next summer I'll have lots of them. Happy week, Rosemary!

  17. Hey Rosemary...she looks so beautiful....the Name in German is "Fingerhut"...i translate...Fingerhead....;-)

    Greets Erwin

  18. Beautiful flower! I have them in my garden in pink (digitalis purpurea). The Dutch name is 'Vingerhoed' (like the German name) and means thimble... Because it looks like a row of them on a stick I guess!
    Greets RiRi

  19. Hi !
    Nice macroes of this flower Rosemary. Take care !

  20. I have never heard of foxgloves! Wow they are really beautiful and poetic in many ways...

  21. Fake dying is irresistible, and when we buy the fake, the comeback is our reward. How clever, how beautiful.

  22. Beautiful pictures of the foxglove.
    You did very well photographed, my compliments.
    Kind regards, Irma

  23. A story in pictures of your
    beautiful garden. Formidable! hug

  24. So beautiful, Rosemary!
    I love the foxglove... it's such a beautiful flower full of humblebees... they love them to... ;))
    Warm greeting,
    Anna :))

  25. Pozwól jej rosnąć gdzie chce, bo będzie Ci płakać. Cudowne zdjęcia.Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Let it grow where it wants to, because he will get you to cry. Wonderful pictures. I greet warmly.

  26. You have fingers hat herb really beautifully photographed in many facets. Beautiful colors, sharpness and details of his drawing on the inside are also very nice.

    Maybe they indeed remain longer if you do not plant in the backyard but in the garden :-)

  27. These flowers are very beautiful. I have never seen this type of flower. Thank you for posting these cute pictures.

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