Friday, November 27, 2015

The In-Between

As the season comes to an end
Autumn begins her graceful departure
and for a moment there is a stillness in the air

Geese consult about their migration with noisy honks
and conduct practice flights overhead

Leaves collect on the ground
swept into giant mounds by the increasingly chill wind

Sweaters become everyday items

As all of nature prepares for what lies ahead

And the stillness lingers

Bulrushes poke through the grasses
stiff and silent
ignoring the holes that open up in their furry hides

Small creatures take shelter

While fields of wildflowers borrow the glow of the
setting sun to burst into golden flame

and the stillness lingers

Autumn dips her brush in the
best colours of the season
and gives us something to remember
all winter long.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Autumn Rays

Is there such a thing as a solemn autumn?

How can that be
When trees decorate themselves with baubles

And colourful clouds
Swirl among their branches

When water glows with lights
From somewhere
Deep within

And lemon-yellow leaves wave to us
from crisp blue skies

The forest may darken earlier in the day

But lights are left on for us to find our way as the sun

Wishes us goodnight

And the Autumn winds play a song

Only the heavy-headed grasses can hear

There is no time for solemn days
When the world is painted gold.