Wednesday, August 31, 2016

You Had Me At Hello

You had me at hello

You swept me up in your intensity

And the crazy-hatted party goers
you brought to my garden

You arrived dressed in eye-popping colours

Against a backdrop of glorious greens

With the summer comes the sun
And with the sun comes the heat

June, July and August whizzed by
in a colourful, shimmering mirage

Trumpets blared sweet summer's song
filling my senses with their heady perfume

While the fish grew fat and happy
in the pond

So many moments to enjoy

So much beauty to drink in

Some scenes almost too beautiful to believe

That this is reality and not just a dream

In my garden, summer has been gentle,




Filled with colourful hues,

Stately colour shapes

And bold colour wows!

Autumn is on its way
and when I look back

This will have been a Summer
I will never forget!