Monday, April 29, 2013

Do You Believe?

It's true,
what they say...

People who don't believe in fairies will never find them.

Here's your chance.
Look closely at the photo above.
Can you spot it?

Most of us will see this,
truly magical in every way,
Maple seeds ready to unfurl their soft green wings.

for those who hold magic deep in their hearts,
who continue to light the spark
that turns the
 into the

You will see
Maple Forest Fairies
rising from the forest floor,
wearing long, golden caps.

Where there's one,
there's many more.

Let's join them
as they laugh and dance and sing,
for they know
it's time
to celebrate

Friday, April 26, 2013

Paint The Town Red

Walking through my garden daily now, checking to see what's coming up.
I've noticed that many of my spring shoots are red.

Above and below are Bleeding Hearts
they are about six inches high right now.

Here's one just on its way out of the ground.

I think this silly shoot finds it too cold
and is heading back inside last year's stem.

This is a tulip plant, the flower will be white,
still, love the red tips.

This is a lilium
coming up so beautifully.

Another lilium, not so lucky,
already eaten and it's barely out of the ground.

Funny, the Red Lily Leaf Beetle that's eating it
- is also red.

Here's another tulip
with such bright red tips
I can spot them from across the garden.

A clematis leaf bud

A hosta leaf

And finally,
a leaf so red
it's hard to believe
in no time it will be a deep dark green.

A peony bush!

This one is feeling shy

But there is no hiding
this kind of 
Paint-the-town red!

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Cat TV

It's cold and windy today.
My cats are taking full advantage of the sun shining in through the window.

Zorro (on the left) is a tuxedo cat,
Sushi (on the right) is a Siamese.

They have been indoor cats all their lives.
I'm happy being able to keep them healthy and safe
while protecting the many birds that visit our backyard feeders at the same time.

I stepped outside to take this shot from the other side of our very dirty window.
Clearly I have not started my spring cleaning yet...

This is how they spend their day:
Watching Cat TV (that is: looking out the windows),
meowing, eating, sleeping.

We interrupt the above with:
Playing, brushing, petting, cuddling and (sometimes) shouting at them.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Unwrapping Spring

I don't know about you

But when I unwrap
the burlap
from around my plants
in the Spring

It's like opening presents on
Christmas Day


(and often)
By what I find inside :)

Friday, April 19, 2013

Pink Charming

You know how it is when time flies by,
you're working on this and that,
you look up and it's
four o'clock in the afternoon.

I thought I'd missed the day.

Then a sunbeam came through the window
illuminating this geranium bouquet
on my kitchen counter.

It blew me away
with its pink charming-ness.

Its stem, a lime-green straw in a raspberry soda

Strawberries and cream

Love the fuzzy hairs shooting out in all directions

And this multi-layered taffetta skirt

Pure Innocence


and Sweet Perfection

I'm going to take a four o'clock
 sunbeam/flower break
more often :)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Life in a Raindrop

Peeping through my spyglass
I head out in the rain
in search of
New Worlds

I find a whole galaxy of watery planets!

Ethereal, transluscent
hanging by

Twin planets
feed each other
on a black, metallic

Ghostly grey,
a portent world
so dark 
I'm filled with

water world
you'd think it would be

crystal balls and prisms
assure me

But best of all
are raindrop worlds
that tell me

Friday, April 12, 2013

Ice-Tipped Wings

The day is cold and grey.

In the sky,
Playing with the currents of air
Like an untethered kite,
This seagull soars above it all...

Until it spots something more attractive than flying:

Potential food!

It stands by this hole in the ice
ready to pounce should
something swim by
or jump out.

After five LONG minutes of waiting

It throws back its head
and lets loose a wailful cry,

Followed by a disgruntled stomp
to a new location.

With each step, its feet sink deeper into the icy slush.

It stares out morosely at the cold dark water.

"Oh, if only I wasn't trapped here
in this hellish land of ice and snow!" it complains.

And then it remembers its wings!

Lucky bird :)

All that to say: Fresh snow and ice pellets arrived in Montreal today.
Where are my wings!


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