Saturday, August 10, 2013

Day After Day

Day after day

The lily unfurls new petals

And greets the sun

With petals of charm

And colours of joy

Content to exist

In her resilient way

For just one day

Reminding me

All ends have beginnings

All beginnings have ends

Let the lily

Be our teacher

Give each day

All you've got

Be open

Be joyous

Have faith


Know that today will end

As tomorrow begins

Be grateful

For each day

Day after day

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy In Love

Crazy in love
In love with crazy :)

I can't help it...  I love my crazy-looking monarda!

Whether they're dancing out to greet me with a sideways smile

Or trying to scare me with their bright red tentacles

They always tip their Mad-Hatter hats
in my direction

Sometimes I get a surprise "hat-in-a-hat!"

They are more Halloween...

Than Halloween itself
(Mr. Hitchcock would be proud :)

They gather in my garden
in unplanned drifting clusters

But infatuated as I am
I only have eyes (and camera) for one at a time

My first love was Mr. Red
But lately...

This fuscia-purpley one has caught my eye

Unless -

I see this candy-pink fluffy creature

Which is a stunning hot-pink before it fully opens

And now there is a new temptress in my garden 

Monarda Bradburiana is her name
(I could fall for her too)

Oh, what the heck
I'll be crazy in love
with them all!