Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Personalities Of Pink

Sometimes pink arrives with trumpets.
Deep and throaty,
they shout out from
the back of the garden.

Their personality is unmistakeable;
tall and stately,
they command my attention.

Sometimes pink arrives with a twinkle,
with a momentary flash
that catches my eye,
as if a fairy has suddenly fluttered by.

Did I really see it?
Or, was it just my imagination?

Sometimes pink plays tricks on me.
It hides behind things,
choosing objects that are transparent,
then takes on their form,
like this spider's web.

Sometimes pink has a job to do.

It colours the petals
that create this fortress,
to hide, from potential thieves,
a fortune of
sun-infused jewels.

Sometimes pink attracts things
that like sweetness,
like bees and wasps
and flies

And sometimes pink arrives
without a sound.
I notice the garden is quiet,
serene, peaceful
and calm.

That's how I know
pink has

Friday, August 14, 2015

A Mysterious Life

Life is mysterious.
It's not straight and easy to navigate.
It's not easy to see all,
or know all.

It's full of curious characters.
Some are obvious,
while others are hidden,
 to be discovered along the way.

There are many bends in the road.
Part of life is clear and right in front of you
but who knows what lies ahead.

And that's what makes it interesting.

There are shocks and surprises
as we battle danger and adversity.
There is friendship and love
in the connections we make along the way.

We build on what we learn.

Life is fragile and precious
and that's what makes it valuable.

Cherish each moment.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Lit From Within

The sun intensifies.

It's yellow light
makes everything glow
as if lit from within.

Cicadas and crickets buzz and click
filling the air with their non-stop, jazzy tempo
and sweat trickles down the small of my back
with the smallest of movements
...or no movement at all.

Garden chores have to wait
as I sip drinks stacked full of ice cubes,

And watch everything around me grow
and ripen,

knowing that fall is but a step away.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Last One

It's sad but true,
that when we have something in abundance
we can become nonchalant about it.

For a number of reasons
(mainly raccoons)
I rarely have more
than one or two lily pad flowers each summer.

I'm starting to think this is a good thing.

Because they are scarce,
I drool over each stage of their development.
From just barely visible under water
to the emerging bulb,
until finally, they are the gorgeous,
pink, multi-petalled, floating beauty you see here.

I'm happy they are so rare
because this makes me regard them
as precious.