Monday, June 10, 2013

Mid-Morning Pond Heron

This is supposed to be a Black Crowned Night Heron but...
I have re-named it to:
A Mid-Morning Pond Heron
(according to its behaviour at my fish pond)

I've had to re-name my fish pond as well.
It is now known as Fort Knox.
It is reinforced,
barb-wire barricaded
and tie-wrapped to a ridiculous level.

But getting back to the heron.
Here it is watching me with that oh-so-piercing red gaze.

It sends an anguished look below at the shimmering, juicy goldfish.

Followed by a calculation of its exit route through the trees.

With one flap of its long, powerful wings it shoots straight up,
right out of my camera's view.
All you see is a rather frightening view of its two clawed feet.

I manage to get one clear shot before it is gone.

You can just make out its silhouette through the leaves,
a shadowy, mystical figure,
a ghostly pond raider.


  1. Fabulous shots Rosemary - I saw this type of Heron when we were on Anna Maria Island, Florida.
    We have a Grey Heron who comes calling at our pond but usually before we arise. I have lots of lily pads in the pond and always hope that they will hide and protect the fish.

  2. Wonderful shots of this beautiful, albeit, sneaky bird!

  3. This heron species want a snack.
    Good to have protected the pond against these gluttons.
    Regards, Irma

  4. What a beautiful Heron! We don't have that one in this area but they are present a little further down the coast. A Great Blue Heron recently visited my pond but was frustrated by the electric fence around the pond and left. What makes these birds think that our ponds are sushi bars made especially for them?

  5. Hello!
    Pretty in your heron ...
    Your photos are excellent...

  6. Garça maravilhosa que sabe comunicar com a sua bela simpatia.
    Adorei as belas fotos.


  7. Wow, what a special one this heron is!
    well, your goldfisch are safe now!

  8. What a lovely heron, Rosemary! How fortunate you are to have made such gorgeous captures of this fine bird. I have seen herons but not one like this. Thanks so much for sharing!

  9. This heron is cheeky. Poor fishes, they live as in a prison.
    Great pictures, Rosemary!

  10. Beautiful and well taken of the Night Heron.

  11. Gorgeous pictures... and love all the tales that come right from your garden !

  12. You captured well the frustration of the heron and of the pond-keeper, who was forced to fortify. Nice job of Fort Knoxing, Rosemary. How do you decide when to remove the protection and look at your fish?

    1. That's the sad part Lee, we hardly get to see them anymore. At first we had simple netting in place to keep out raccoons, but left it off during the day while the raccoons slept. Not anymore. The heron appears at different times of the day. It's like he/she is waiting for us to accidentally leave the pond uncovered...

  13. He's handsome!!! Enjoyed the pictures including the one of his feet!

  14. Your Heron is SO COOL! Though your fish might not think so. I like your new name for the species.

  15. cute birdie.......!is it looking for fish!cos i saw a pic of water so maybe it could have been looking for water to drink or fish.....

  16. I keep saying I have to start experimenting more with photographing birds, but nothing materialized yet.. what a cute dude!

  17. WAU - where a great egret viewing. We are in the shallow water in the garden (pond) and bought an "artificial" heron ..... seems to set is a beautiful bird :)

  18. shame isn't it that you need to lock up your pond, but it's either your fish or none...the heron shots are fantastic. Tks for visiting my blog recently...

  19. You captured this to me unknown bird so well, your description and photos combined even give it a facial expression. I do hope he won't be visiting your pond anymore sometime soon so you can remove the Fort Knox from it;)

  20. WOW! These are such fabulous photos. I do love the one where he is in flight. What a great Capture..

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog.


  21. Hahahahaha ..... Ford Knox!!
    I think that it is necessary with such a heron near Rosemary.
    Well I think it's a wonderful little heron. I've also never seen this myself. Beautiful pictures and a beautiful color.

  22. I can't believe how lucky your are to have the visit of this little heron!
    That is one guy I wish to photograph!
    You have certainly made the most out of his visit, your pictures are wonderful!
    Cheers Rosemary!

  23. Love the new, appropriate name of your beautiful visitor! I rarely see them out in the open; maybe I should try finding ponds that hold goldfish:) Glad you have found a way to keep your fish safe!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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