Thursday, June 27, 2013

Guilt Trip

It's hard to believe that I found this weed/flower so offensive
that I spent a good part of the spring
pulling it out of my garden

It seeds itself here and there
and everywhere

And I discovered that once it takes hold
it shades out any nearby perennials

A few managed
to avoid my
pull-happy fingers

The remaining plants set out
on a mission,
sending up the few flowers left,
to make me see
how badly I had misjudged them

Beacons of their Beauty

While wandering around my all-green garden
looking for something to photograph

I was stopped by the soothing sight
of their lilac hues

Each shift in light encouraged a different shade of mauve
from their delicate petals

Their beauty sent me on a downward spiralling guilt trip
for all the plants that would not flower this year
because of me

These photos capture the happiness they gave me
and I made a fresh vow to be less pull-happy next spring :)


  1. Ah-h...they are beautiful with that mauve and lilac hue. It is hard to not pull the weeds, but our gardens come first, I suppose. I have fallen in love with dandelions especially through the lens.

  2. Excelentes fotografias de belas flore....

  3. They really are such a beautiful color! They remind me a bit of phlox.

  4. Hi Rosemary,
    Beautiful flowers are this.
    The color is really beautiful.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Best regards, Irma

  5. Lovely pictures, thank you for sharing this :))

  6. heerlijke foto,s met een net zo heerlijk verhaal.

  7. It's a lovely flower with a beautiful color, but do you know the name of it ? I love self seeding flowers :-)

  8. How nice for you. Some people don't get to travel at all! Hope you have an enjoyable trip! I pull lots of them out each year too but do enjoy the few that stay!

  9. Rosemary you make a feast of each flower, beautifully portrayed a true show this cuckoo with the soft tones TOPPPPPP

  10. There are plants as people, hardy to all dark days and cold seasons. You are right, let this flower grow and bloom in your garden.
    Have a nice weekend!

  11. Quite a lovely flower...I like how you had the flower epiphany to notice the beauty in them :-)

  12. Hello Rosemary,

    what a beautiful pictures you have made ​​of these flowers. They are beautiful and detailed records of stunning color and sharpness. Your compositions are very well chosen. My compliments. I like the google+ but clicked and your little 4-side below the blog with beautiful

  13. Ah, wild phlox - one of my favourites and I have none at my place. My son has lots way at the back of his yard in partial shade where they're flourishing. I also took a series of photos there a week ago but didn't post any.

    Also loved your foxglove - photos and story.

    Happy Canada Day.

  14. I may be wrong, but this looks like (and sounds a bit like) Hesperis matronalis. A great deal of folks grow it intentionally, but this plant has been classified as an invasive species in some states. Personally, I like the plant, and it's not invasive where I live. If you like the flowers, and if it's not invasive in your region, maybe you could cordon off an area of the garden for it next year and relocate seedlings.

  15. Lovely. I like the color of that flower. Happy Sunday, Rosemary!

  16. Dobrze, że nie pozbyłaś sie wszystkich wędrujących kwiatów, bo są śliczne. Zdjęcia też mają cidowne. Pozdrawiam.
    Well, that is not got rid of all the wandering flowers, because they are beautiful. Photos also are wonderful. Yours.

  17. lovely warm colors, beautiful pictures you have taken :)

  18. We all seem to need a reminder from time to time that things aren't as we believe them to be. I love the color of these!

  19. Great color and images. Gardens and photographers go well together.

  20. Looking forward to your next set of lovely photos!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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