Monday, January 28, 2013

Waiting for Spring

Looking through the window on a cold winter day.

Waiting for a sun-kiss to warm my cheek.


  1. Gorgeous pictures. I already miss the snow, even if it's not completely gone yet. It made the house and garden so much brighter and lighter.
    Have a good week,

  2. I absolutely love the composition of the second photo. The warm tones of the whole scene is so pleasing to the eye. The bird itself sports those colours.

  3. Well seen Rosemarie zoooooooooooo sweet and beautiful composition!
    Thanks for the responses always so kind and sweet!
    Just one question, where did you come Guestbook that I find so beautiful actually the nicest I've seen!
    Thanks for your answer already!
    regards, Annie

  4. So winter-like!
    Very sweet pictures, naturally, the second one is my favourite!
    I can well understand you impatience to get to spring and have nature warm up!
    I'd still rather have a cold spell with blue skies before, since there are still a couple of species I would be grateful to add to my list this season! ;-)
    Thanks for your comments, you always make me smile!!
    Keep well and warm, Rosemary!

  5. Beautiful pictures Rosemary, beautiful photographed.
    Who knows, maybe the spring quickly.
    Greetings Irma

  6. Hi Rosemary, I just found your blog! Lovely photo of the bird in your winter wonderland. I think it is waiting for a sun-kiss to warm it up, too :-)!

  7. Oh sweet little bird I wish you many warming sun kisses at this frigid time of year.

  8. Hello Rosemary,
    Wonderful shots!! Nice to see these little birds in your snowy garden.
    Here in Holland there was a lot of snow too, but now in two days everything is gone.

    Greetings and a warm sunny kiss,

  9. Beautiful Rosemary!
    It's still winter out there?? In Holland it's thawing! + 7 degrees! Almost spring?!

  10. Ptaszek też chyba czeka na wiosnę Urocze zdjęcia. Pozdrawiam.
    Bird also probably waiting for spring. Lovely pictures. Yours.

  11. This titmouse in curious, wants to find some seeds in your birdfeeder. Nice shots!

  12. ¡¡Hola amig@!!

    Resulta que he conocido tu blog una buena tarde como ésta, navegando a través de Internet y me gusta el estilo que utilizas.

    Me supone una intensa emoción comprobar que todavía existen personas capaces de hacer algo de forma altruista, vocacional, con ilusión y sin pedir nada a cambio. Esto, es de agradecer.

    No quería marcharme de "tu casa" sin darte mi más sincera enhorabuena y como no, desearte que prosigas en esta misma línea. Con tu permiso, si así me lo permites volveré en un tiempo para ver posibles novedades que pudiera producirse.

    Con tu permiso si así me lo permites me quedaré por tu rinconcito, para leerte con más frecuencia más a menudo.

    Si lo deseas puedes pasarte por mi rincón en felicidadenlavida

    Un abrazo grande,
    Francisco M.

  13. Rosemary!
    These pictures are great, they are great!
    Lovely bird.

  14. Ohhhhhh ........ how nice these pictures.
    That tit looks very touching off.
    This is really nice.

  15. I thought the birdie is so cute looking out the window like that :)
    Nice pictures indeed and you always know what to say to fit the occasion!

  16. Aw, cute little chickadee! Nice shots.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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