Monday, January 14, 2013

Summer Daydream

Am I getting tired of winter?

Not really.  I don't mind the whiteness, the quiet, the cold.

 In the fall, plants fade into a calming palette of soft earth tones.

Before long there is no colour at all.
Plants are hollowed, crumbled, gone altogether.

Winter arrives just in time, sprinkling us with fairy dust,
sweeping us into a land of enchantment.

We are so dazzled, the colours of summer fade from our memories.
Didn't the land always look like this?

But then, out on a walk I hear a burst of foreign sounds:
Quaaaaaaack, quack, quack, quack
Splaaaaaash, splash
Flap and flutter

Bobbing in the the water, I see greens, yellow, whites and honey-browns,

and the memory of summer rushes back.

There is sound, movement and colour, all competing for my attention.

What's going on?
Has summer melted the winter away?

Don't be silly, it is only January
and winter hasn't even begun to bite :)

The pictures above don't show that the water these ducks are in is surrounded by ice and snow.  They chose not to migrate and spend their day huddled in or around the rather small hole in the ice.
Maybe next year they'll make a different choice.


  1. Nice pictures of the ducks,where I lived in Denmark there was a rather large pond just outside the house and of course lots of ducks, one must be amazed to see how they strugled to keep a small part of the water free of ice, even in the most severe winters.

  2. :) I'm loving the cold, but I just wish we could borrow some of that extra heat from summer just for a quick warm up when it gets too cold:) My humminngbird feeders froze! And my plants......I won't even go there. Sigh.

  3. You have them nice photographed Tosemary

    Greetings, Joop

  4. Śliczne zdjęcia kaczek i dobrze, że mają dostęp do wody, bo jest otwór. Pozdrawiam.
    Cute pictures of ducks, well, they have access to water, because there is a hole. Yours.

  5. Gorgeous! I have never lived anywhere where it is really cold, but I think I would love it for a while at least x

  6. I can cope with the winter as long as I can see the sun. When it becomes grey all around that is when I am ready for the summer to arrive. Your ducks and their reflections in the water are lovely.

  7. Oh Rosemary, these are gorgeous shots!!
    If you had not shown the bigger picture,
    I was thinking it is summer already!
    Simply lovely colorful ducks.
    Our ducks are mostly white if not brown.

    Have a good week :)

  8. Yes, maybe they'll choose to stop in at one of our lakes in Connecticut. Meanwhile, their choosing to stay up your way gave you a chance to make some beautiful art.

  9. Ducks are amazingly resilient! I am glad it's not me having my feet in that cold water! Nice photos as always, Rosemary :-)

  10. Hello Rosemarie,
    Thank you for the nice comments on my photos!
    Very sweet enough, but what do you mean (the birds are so soft?)
    I think you appreciate my pictures very or am I wrong?
    I enjoy your sweet and cheerful comments again THANK YOU!
    regards Annie

    1. Annie, your pictures are always wonderful! I wrote that the birds look fluffy (soft) and you have captured their fluffiness perfectly :) Google translations are sometimes not so accurate, right?

  11. Hello Rosemarie,

    Now as my response to you beautiful ducks photos!
    These radiate love and feel for the animals, I just see that you are 100% enjoys Well I know!
    With love, Annie

  12. Hola Rosemarie bellas fotografias de estas anatidas.Un abrazo

  13. 'Sweeping us into a land of enchantment', what a good way of describing the onset of winter Rosemary! I think you are right about the ducks, they may be regretting their decision now.

  14. You have the mallards very well photographed Rosemary.
    Here is winter now really begun, there is snow and freezing temperatures.
    Greetings Irma

  15. Hi Rosemary, The same ducks are swimming in our ponds in Holland. They don't bother the cold. The winter has its charms, but I do desire to summer.
    Nice shots, Rosemary!

    Have a nice day and keep warm!

  16. Very nice post, Rosemary!
    I join you in the daydreaming, winter hasn't bitten here ether.
    You are lucky to a have water spots around you I don't, or the few are hunted, so no migrants with a few brain cells will want to land there... Sad!
    Your mallards a very beautiful and you achieved some gorgeous pics!!
    Cheers for now!

  17. They look so cold huddled on the ice. Their colours are beautiful.

  18. Very nice photos as usual, Rosemary! The same ducks are swimming in a river in my neighborhood. They are cute:)

  19. Interesting post. I really like it.
    Super blog. Yours. ^ ^

    Have a nice day. ;)
    + Welcome to my blog.
    If you want to put it in your followers.

  20. Spectacular and spicy!
    Reflections of the soul!
    So I can appreciate!
    Winter! My God help me! hug

  21. Hello Rosemary,
    Very nice shots!!
    Funny to see all these ducks.

    Many greetings,


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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