Wednesday, January 23, 2013


"We are like the branches that quiver during a storm,
doubting our strength

and forgetting we are the tree -
deeply rooted to withstand all of life's upheavals."
~ Dodinsky ~

This is the temperature outside my front door this morning.
I love the sharpness of the air,
the crunch of each step,
the way the cold lays its hands on my face.

Each breath in,
I am aware of the cold
and my body's rush to heat it.
Each breath out
is decorated in a cloud of steam.

Not a moment is taken for granted.


  1. That's cold!!! Don't know about here, it is freezing and really cold but now idea about exact temperatures. You have sun though, here it's all foggy; strange look, as if nature is frozen, not the slightest movement, very mysterious, but beautiful with everything covered in white, even the thinnest tree branch.

  2. Hi Rosemary,
    Nice shot your last photo!
    I can taste in your words the desiring for warmth!

  3. Beautiful winter photos Rosemary, the last one is very nice with the leaf.
    Greetings Irma

  4. An uncouth sort of person might say that you'd have to be out of your tree to even go outside on such a cold day. Of course I would never even think such a thing.

  5. Chilly! Sounds like a good day to stay inside, curled up with a good book.

  6. Rosemary!
    Winter lovely pictures. Although I do not like winter.
    I like it on your photographs.

  7. You've captured a moment that you chill just seeing those pictures. -.
    Greetings. -

  8. The last photo - perfection. The glitter of the snow crystals, and the wonderful blue shadows, and a token of autumn hanging on.

  9. -24* C......!Bardzo zimno:)
    Piękne zdjęcia!

  10. Hello Rosemary!!
    Beautiful winter photos Rosemary,
    Ent Bbbbbbrrrrrrrrrrrrrr also hier
    Regards , Annie

  11. Indeed, these are times when beauty struggles with bitter cold. Your images show that beauty wins. Enjoy, Rosemary.

  12. Hi Rosemary, I haven't seen temperatures like that since I lived in Norway, 13 yeears ago :-) We used to have 4-6 weeks every winter with temp well below 30 Celsius, and average winter temp was -18 to 25 C. I can't say I miss it, even if it is a different kind of cold than the wet and windy cold we have in London. Beautiful pictures as always!

  13. I too love the crunch and the sparkle and the quiet!!

  14. Yes, it really feels like winter now! We've had such up and down weather in Virginia, it's hard to adjust to the cold. But I like your post and the quote about the tree.

  15. That is a real pile of snow.
    I like that last picture.

  16. Oh, my God! Rosemary, you have -23C, wow! We here had not yet such frost.
    I love the last one --nice color of snow, I can feel its cold on the hand.

  17. I like the cold, too. I like it when winter is a bit assertive. It makes you appreciate the warmth all the more. Love the quote. :o)

  18. Now that is some serious cold!!! I love your beautiful quote~such wisdom. I hope you keep warm, and don't stay in that cold for very long!

  19. Arghhhh ......... that is very cold trembling trembling trembling!
    I think 3 degrees below zero cold though lol ..... Well nice pictures :-) Rosemary
    Greetings, Helma

  20. Love the shadows in that 2nd shot. And while I enjoy a good winter blizzard as much as the next person, I think I prefer +26C to -26C.


  21. Check out that blanket of snow!
    How many inches is that?
    I can almost feel the brrrr too Rosemary.
    Oh, I love to see those steam coming out from the nose and mouth :)
    Only in winter you get it.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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