Monday, October 15, 2012


"We don't see things as they are,
We see them as we are."
~Anais Nin ~

In each picture you will see the same grasses at the same time of day.
The only thing that changes is the angle of the camera,
letting in more, or less, light.

Green, gold, sunshine...  What do you see in the first picture?

Gold mixed with shadow, the seeds have gone dark.
Do you feel restful or are your eyes drawn to the downward arc of the staffs?

Here's a test for you.
Light against dark, do you see hope or impending danger?

Gold against a blue sky, the seeds stand out strong and bright,
making you feel...

And finally shadow, darkness, staffs swirl and cross each other chaotically.
Something cold and bleak or the peaceful end of a glorious day?

Letting in more, or less, light,
How you feel,
It's your choice.


  1. Is the camera always truthful, does it lie? Your images are all lovely but so completely different. They could be at opposite ends of the day, different grasses, and in totally different weather and light.
    I once remember a friend asking me what I thought of a photo of her proudly holding her young baby. I said you look like any other young mother happily showing the world your baby. She replied "I was in the middle of a breakdown".
    I am off on a tangent here, but the great differences in your photos reminded me of that occasion for some reason.

    1. I'm always amazed at what the camera picks up that I didn't intend when taking the pictures. I got caught up with how beautiful the grasses looked and circled around them taking shot after shot. It was only once I got home that I saw the analogy to not only what the camera records (many different versions of the same thing) but what we then see on top of that (how we feel at the moment we are viewing the picture). Your example fits in perfectly.

  2. Cool ideas here. I love the 4th shot but it's true what you can capture the feel of unintentionally at times by the way your day is going. I like how you've set all of them up.....interesting note on the second. I hadn't seen it that way before:)

    1. Hmmm, the 4th shot, now I'm going to do your character analysis based on that shot... Kidding! I love it when the camera shows me something I didn't notice when I was taking the shots :)

  3. De très belles photos... J'aime ces divers plans... Ils apportent une version et une importance différente à chaque fois très intéressante.
    Gros bisous

    1. Just as in real life, the angle and the light with which we view something makes all the difference :)

  4. Rosemary!
    I admire your ideas to take pictures.
    A photo? fantastic and very interesting.

  5. Splendid! I really like these photos.

  6. Very beautiful photos of field grass...
    & I love ur new watermark)))

    Have a great Day!
    xoxo, Juliana

    1. Thank you Juliana, I was inspired by your beautiful watermark to make one for myself :)

  7. Rosemary, I love this illustration of the technical, artistic and the psychological aspects of this wonderfully natural and seemingly ordinary subject that really is Rorschach via camera. You photographed way more than grasses.

    1. Thank you Lee, I love how it was only once I viewed them on my computer that I saw the sharp differences among the pictures. The whole time I was taking them, my focus was solely on the grass. I like your description "Rorschach via camera."

  8. Wow! The power of perception!
    Simply amazing..
    And you got it all :)
    Remarkable shots!

  9. I think this is one of my reminds me of what I try be cognizant of, you always have a choice about how you want to look at something. Its amazing how one thing can seem/look so different when you just change your view.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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