Saturday, July 7, 2012

This is Chateau de Montreuil-Bellay! (well, a part of it)

I am much more attracted to the exteriors and grounds of chateaus or castles and rarely go inside.
Here's a closer look at the same shot.

We were able to climb some of the towers and thoroughly enjoyed the narrow, circular staircases.

The grounds were diverse and stately,
dotted with ornaments, spectacular trees and lavender!

This one tree caught my eye.

How wonderful to have thought in advance that the petals of this climbing scarlet rose, planted on the outside of this small tower, would fall in through the open window to decorate the white steps.
So romantic...
Next, we climbed incredibly steep algae covered stairs to an elevated walkway that joined one section of the chateau to the other us a bird's eye view of the top of the chateau and the area around us.

The view from a different walkway.
This Chateau also produces its own premium wine which we were thrilled to be able to taste and purchase!


  1. Rosemary, all photos are gorgeous! Specially one of the old tree, I think it's a Larch, that covers its branches a park.

    1. Thank you Nadezda, that tree is as impressive as a castle tower all on its own :)

  2. Hey, you're at my house! So glad you enjoyed the tour! :o) LOVE the tree, roses, white stone steps... Ok, I can live without the algae! :o)

    1. Your comment made me laugh :) My husband and I walk around and can't help imagining what it must have been like to live in these gorgeous places. That algae staircase was quite exciting and we made sure to have a good grip on that ropey bannister!

  3. I love castles, and this is a beautiful well keeped one :-) I'm sure you're spending a nice time there !!
    thank you for sharing your great images!!

    1. You're right, this castle and the grounds were very well-kept. I loved being there and will definitely visit again :)

  4. Wow, fantastic photos!! I can't wait to see more.

    1. Thanks Connie, this chateau was so impressive, beautiful coloured stonework and impressive views - lucky me :)

  5. Hey Rosemary,
    Wonderful images of this fantastic castle. Nice to see the long stairs and all around.
    A delicious wine, pour it into a glass, cheers!!

    Many greetings,


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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