Saturday, July 21, 2012

Make yourself at home!

You know when you have a friend over and you tell them, "make yourself at home?"  You want them to feel relaxed and happy so they will stay long and visit often.

Here's one of my favourite friends, one of the bluejay "kids" that hatched this summer, wiping his beak on a shirt on my clothesline.

He's got that "aren't I cute" look down pat (the one that my kids had when they were doing something they weren't supposed to.)

Here are two siblings pretending to feed each other, or kissing...
Do bluejays do that?

We had a new visitor to our feeders this year.  A Chipping Sparrow, so cute! (and he goes perfectly with our feeder)

And last but not least I finally got a picture of Mr. Cardinal taking a bath.


  1. Rosemary, these birds are so lovely and cute! I love the bluejay,(I don't know its name in Russian), its gray topknot of feathers and blue - white wings. Very nice bird!

    1. They have such funny, endearing characters too :)

  2. These are fun colorful shots. I wonder if there was tongue between the two jays:)? Sorry, I just had to:)

    1. Naughty! I have to admit it is a funny picture :)

  3. Beautiful post here, spes the Trompet post with all the great flower shots, well done Rosemary !
    Have a nice week !


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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