Saturday, November 12, 2016

Love Trumps Hate

Oh Donald Trump.

I was in shock, like much of the world, to discover that he won the election. I mean how in the name of all that is good, sane, decent, civilized, honest, intelligent and human did this happen? Especially at a time when our floating blue and green planet needs our care and protection the most.

Fortunately or unfortunately (depends how you look at it) I was in an unusual situation when I heard the election results.

I was hooked up to several monitors in the intensive cardiac care unit in one of our city’s most wonderful hospitals while doctors searched to find the source for the “heart attack” I appeared to have suffered last Saturday night.

Yes, this was before the election results
so I can’t blame Donald for that!

Luckily, strangely (just like life) the enzymes in the blood test that declared with almost certainty that my heart had suffered a traumatic event and been injured were proved wrong by the best tests science has to offer.

Five days later, on a sunny Wednesday afternoon
I walked out of the hospital, heart-healthy and free!

The first thing that struck me, waiting outside to be picked up by my children, was how blue the sky was. A crisp November breeze rushed up to fill my lungs and the setting sun caressed my cheek with a mother’s love.

This world is so beautiful.

I wanted to skip, jump, sing, dance.

I was healthy!
I was home.
I was loved.

My husband never left my side in the hospital (sleeping the first 2 days in a chair, and the rest in a cot) and my children spoiled me each day with their time, homemade meals, fresh clothes, board games and stories.

My epiphany: Donald Trump’s win changes nothing.

The world existed before him and the world will exist after him
because there are billions of people who know and cherish
what really matters...

* LOVE *

Family, friends, health, home, nature, the sun, moon and sky.

At home, looking out my kitchen window, it felt like I’d never left, never been terrified for my heart, my life. I watched the giant yellow maple in our backyard shower the ground with its sunshine-yellow leaves…

With everything that had just happened to me I followed the urge to be there, right under it, head turned up to watch the leaves
dance through the air on their way to the ground,
to be part of that beauty.

We are surrounded by magic…every day.

Donald Trump can’t ruin that.

I, and billions of others, won’t let him.

And whatever he does ruin, we will fix.

Continue to believe in magic and magic will continue to exist.


  1. Strange world but some beautiful pictures you share...
    Love from Titti

  2. I am glad you feel better. Being in a hospital is a shocking experience. Thank for all the beautiful leaves you shared. In my region they don't thrive. Groetjes,


  3. Hello Resemary!
    You're right. The most important is love, family, health, friends, house...
    A Trump? Eh...
    Amazing photos. Maple is a phenomenal tree.
    Autumn now looks magical.
    I wish you good health and blessed days.
    Lucja is this world

    Strange is this world,
    where still is
    so much evil.
    And strange is the fact that
    for so many years
    man has been scorning man.

    This strange world,
    the world of human affairs,
    sometimes it is even such a shame to admit it.
    But it is often like this
    that someone kills
    with an evil word as if with a knife.

    But there are more people of good will
    and I do strongly believe in the fact
    that this world
    won't never die due to them.
    No! No! No!
    The time has come,
    it's high time
    to destroy the hatred within.

    But there are more people of good will
    and I do strongly believe in the fact
    that this world
    won't never die due to them.
    No! No! No!
    The time has come,
    it's high time
    to destroy the hatred within.

  4. I forgot to write that a Polish song.

    Kisses and greetings:)

  5. My goodness. We're glad to hear that you've gotten a clean bill of health and are out of the hospital.

    You are completely correct, there is so much good in this world that it's a waste of time to focus on the all the bad that's churned up by the media. I think this result has caused some folks to be even more resolved, focused, and energized to try to preserve the love in the world.

  6. Glad you are home again from the hospital and you are able again to write such a wonderful words and show us the most beautiful autumn photos. I cannot imagine why so many people voted for Trump, of course they were unsatisfied in their situation, but this is the most horrible person you can get, listen to his voice, look at his face.....brrrr.

  7. Beautiful photos! I commented on your words earlier (FB) but let me add that I hope you continue to be strong. Also, I believe that photographers like you play a role in showing people the importance of conserving our incredible natural world.

  8. Rosemary, I'm glad you're well and was surrounded by lovers being at a hospital. You post is such optimistic despite of very strange result of the votes. Your photos are stunning!

  9. Rosemary I'm so sorry to learn you were hospitalised, but very happy all is alright and you sprung back as inspired as ever. The photos you posted are full of precious passion and fire.

    I can't help but continue to feel hurt and insulted by the fact the majority of people in the supposed most developed country are in support of a system that's discriminatory, supremacist, and essentially backwards. I just hope that the good will overturn the evil - which is not what has happened so far.

    Take care of your health. Looking forward to more of your beautiful posts as always :)

  10. They are beautiful Rosemary. You have been in hospital, I know it is!!!! Donald Trump, he is a terrible man, but, we will get him.

  11. Be well!

    Your epiphany is 100% correct :)

  12. Your photos are truly beautiful! Beautiful colors and so beautifully displayed.

    I was shocked by the news that you've had a heart attack and have been in hospital. Luckily you have survived and you're back home with your husband. Take care of yourself and listen to your body.

    Kind regards, Helma

  13. Donald trump is funny boy. I want too kick he ass.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)

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