Friday, December 7, 2012

Blogs and Gifts

Since December is the month for gifts,
it's only fair that blogs receive gifts as well!

I was nominated for the Liebster Award twice this month
by two wonderful blogger friends I have met this year.

First by Lucia who is from Poland: Lucia's Blog
Second by Ash who is from Kuala Lumpur,  Malaysia : Ash's Blog

The Liebster Award is given to bloggers by bloggers as a way of spreading the word, friendship, a sense of community and most importantly...  Some Love!

To accept the award I am supposed to post 11 random facts about myself, answer 11 questions posed by the person who nominated me and nominate 11 other blogs with 200 (or less) followers.

So here in random order are 11 "things about me"

1.Favourite day of the week: Friday
Although I have no idea why...
Being a parent is a 365 day a year job.

2. First thing I notice in people:
  Their eyes

      3. My mind is a night owl
       but my body is not.

5. Favourite animal: Horse
4. I am addicted to: Elephant jokes

6. I detest: Liars and cheats (although the true/false answer below makes me laugh :)

7. I consider myself: A natural born Leader, which can sometimes be misconstrued as bossy...

8. I love: Dark, spooky pictures, they make me itch to write a chilling tale...

9. I feel a sense of magic when: Little creatures grace me with their presence

10, 11 and 12.
Things I love that I inherited
from my Mother:

Here I am with my two wonderful sons :)
* The wrinkles I get on my forehead when I raise my eyebrows
* My smile
* My love of nature and especially flowers

But enough about me...
I discover wonderful new blogs every day.  Here are some of my favourites:

Irma at : Irma's Natuurbeleving
Marco at: Marco Alpha Fotografie
Giga at: My Piece of Nature and Adventure
Linda at: The View From Squirrel Ridge
Outlaw Gardener at: The Outlaw Gardener
Willy at : Demooienatuur
Gary at: A Day In The Life
Noushka at : 1000 Pattes
Dany at: Love for Food and Photography
Marian at: Flowers and Home
Rick at: All Nature Sings


  1. Aw shucks, Thanks for the link love. I hope that I can remember 11 things about myself. What a nice picture of you and your boys! I kept going back to the grass and sun eye picture; that's amazing!

    1. You are welcome! That grass sun picture is fascinating, (it's not mine) but it's amazing what people "see."

  2. Rosemary, congratulation! Your blog deserves more than two awards :)) Nice photos, especially your boys, they have your smile.

    1. Thank you Nadezda, I'm glad to pass down my Mother's smile :)

  3. Congratulations Rosemary! I agree with Nadezda totally!
    Have they changed the rules of the Liebster award ?
    Anyway, it was fun :-)

    1. Hello Ash, I think the Liebster rules are like the game "broken telephone" they get altered as they get passed on. I did what we all do, rely on Google, and went from there :) As long as we follow the spirit of the award, it's all good!

  4. Congratulations, your blog is indeed award worthy. Well done!!

    1. Thank you, this was a fun departure from the usual routine!

  5. Hello Rosemary, thank you for your compliment about my blog, I'm very happy.
    Very sweet that you have nominated me.
    But I do not do awards etc on my blog.
    Your photos I find totally awesome.
    Have a nice day, Irma

    1. Hello Irma, no problem, it's the thought that counts :)

  6. Congrats Rosemary...... your blog is really fantastic.

    Greetyings, Joop

    1. Thank you Joop, I think your blog is fantastic as well :)

  7. Rosemary, congratulations for the awards that you truly deserve them all!!!
    Thank you for your description and your great pictures. Your sons look so adorable, you are lucky!!!
    I really appreciate your thought at me and my blog, and I'm feeling honoured :-)
    I'm only sorry I'll not forward them since months for the few time available.
    have a beautiful weekend,
    ciao ciao

    1. Hello Dani, I've enjoyed this little bit of fun and I'm happy to let you know how much I like your blog.

  8. Hi Rosemary, I am very honored you have nominated me for the Liebster Award. Yes, I accept this nomination! So bring on your 11 questions!
    Bye the way: your blog is also amazing!


    1. I'm looking forward to reading your answers :)

    2. Hi Rosemary, yes we have the same hobbies. Too bad you live in Canada and I in Holland, otherwise we could take some pictures together and share our passion, nature and photography.

      Lots of love,

  9. Hello Rosemary!
    I send congratulations!
    You have a wonderful blog. This award is to be you.
    Lovely post and great pictures.
    Congratulations to all honored.

  10. Congratulations Rosemary - I always enjoy visiting your blog. Lovely photo of you with your two handsome boys, and you look stunning. Another coincidence, I have two boys as well.

    1. Thank you Rosemary, we were visiting the lovely UK in that photo :)

  11. Hello Rosemary,
    What a surprise...!!!
    So nice and sweet of you to have selected my blog for this award. Thank you so much!!
    I've put the link of your blog with the little golden figure on my own blog.
    Great to see the words and things that you like with the beautiful shots. Just like the picture of yourself with your two biggies of sons. Wonderful!!

    Many greetings and have a good weekend!!
    Hugs, Marco

    1. Marco, you are very welcome and deserving of this shiny award! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well :)

  12. Hi Rosemary, you deserve the Liebster award so much and you made such a beautiful post about the eleven questions you were asked. I love every post you write, your words and the accompanying pictures.
    Thank you for the lovely words you left on my blog, it was really heart warming to read them.
    Thank you for thinking of me to give the award to. I'm really honoured but I will have to decline though since I've done that to other awards that were given to me before. I hope you understand.
    Have a lovely weekend Rosemary,

  13. I'm hoping the award let you know how appreciated you are :) I completely understand about not acting upon the award rules. I'm finding it fun the first few times and then I'll be happy to pass the honour on to someone else. Have a wonderful weekend Marian :)

  14. Thank you for listing my blog!

    I don't know if I can come up with random facts like that. You did a great job, so clever!

    1. You can choose whichever facts you like to share! It's always fun to learn a little something about the people we blog with :)

  15. Nicely done Rosemary. I especially like seeing you and your sons as well as the true/false word - clever!

    1. Thank you! I am very happy to be showing off my two handsome sons :)

  16. Hello Rosemary and congratulations on your award! Nice to see the picture of you and your sons :-) I especially liked your 'Bossy sign', think I perhaps might borrow that one as it is rather appropriate in my house!

    1. Thank you Helene, that Bossy sign belongs in my house for sure and is appropriate for more than just me :)

  17. WOW! What stunning answers to that award!
    I love the images you chose to illustrate them!
    You know what? I recognise myself a bit in your description of yourself! LOL!
    But........ I won't tell in what way!!!
    Many thanks for mentioning my blog too among those you like, it's so sweet of you! ;-)
    Keep well and enjoy your sunday!

    1. Noushka, you always make me laugh! Now I am wondering which fact we have in common :) It is my pleasure to nominate you.

    2. Hahahaha!
      Well, quite a few things ;-), the first and most important one is a sense of humor! LOL!!!
      I LOVE TO LAUGH!! Best medicine in the world!
      Now, can you really disagree??!!!

  18. Congratulations !! You deserve this ......

  19. Congratulations on another well deserved award Rosemary! Your sons (and you) are beautiful! I love the second photo of the sun that looks like an eye! So cool! Hope you have a great week!

    1. Thank you Tammy, I also love that "eye" photo, which I did not take. It's exactly the kind of shot that inspires me to "see" nature in new ways!

  20. Gratuluję w pełni zasłużonych nagród oraz sposobu odpowiedzi na pytania. Są świetne, a szczególnie zdjęcie z synami. Bardzo się cieszę, że lubisz mój blog i często zaglądasz do mnie. Miło mi i to bardzo. Mam nadzieję, że nie będziesz się na mnie gniewać, bo nie zobaczysz u mnie odpowiedzi na pytania i typowania blogów do dalszej zabawy. Ja nie uczestniczę w nich, o czym piszę na moim blogu ( zdjęcie pod moją ikonką ). Mnie wystarczą komentarze, to są dla mnie nagrody. Przepraszam i pozdrawiam serdecznie.
    Congratulations fully deserved the awards and how to respond to questions. They are great, especially the photo with the children. I am very glad that you like my blog, and often you take a look at me. I'm glad a lot. I hope that you will not be angry at me because I did not see in my response to the questions and typing blogs for further fun. I do not participate in them, as I write on my blog (photo in my icon). Me enough comments, you are my reward. I'm sorry and I greet warmly.

    1. Giga, of course I will not be angry, people choose not to respond to the award for many reasons, and I respect that :) This is really my way of saying "thank you" to all the bloggers whose posts I enjoy so much!

  21. He disfrutado la visión maravillosa que tiene de la vida. Precioso Blog.
    Saludo Afectuoso.


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