Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Pond Life

I have a pond in my backyard that runs about 12 feet long by 4 feet wide and 3 feet deep.

I started off knowing absolutely nothing about ponds and between myself, my husband, my children and the internet, we managed to figure out, in a trial and lots of error kind of way, just about everything the pond needed to be healthy and balanced. 

It's amazing how much we've learned, and in the process, developed even more respect for the complexites of Mother Nature.

For example: I learned that if the pond is in full sun, the surface of the water should be covered up to 50% by plants.  After purchasing the plants above, I learned that raccoons love to eat the bulbous parts :(

The pond goes from looking sterile and bare in the spring, to covered in moss, and flowers which continue to change throughout the seasons.

Sometimes it's what's around the pond that brings out a colour or shape
that went unnoticed until now.

My number #1 wish was that the pond would be a place for dragonflies to lay their eggs.  Of course the chance of that happening was slim because you can't exactly tell dragonflies what to do...

This year my wish came true and we are the proud (adoptive) parents of several dragonfly nymphs :)  Dragonflies live 2-3 years as nymphs underwater before they crawl up onto a plant, shed their skin and become the dragonflies we all love.  They live above-ground for just one season, during which they lay their eggs and eventually die.

We also have a few baby goldfish swimming around, 10 points if you can spot one in the photo below!


  1. Fantastic photographs. I like to admire such views. I am greeting

  2. Rosemary, I have the pond in my garden too and know all troubles and needs of the pond and its balance, plants etc. Great photos!

  3. This is a cool post. Love your pond. Jealous of everyone who can have one....they are so beautiful. I love your pics to match up with your story. I did spot the little fish:)

  4. Beautiful pond - mine is full of water lilies at the moment. Is the fish off centre towards the left and looks quite small?

    1. I am jealous of your water lilies Rosemary! I lost two of mine over the winter and have given up on them :( You are exactly right about the fish, it is tiny, off to the left and is light brown at the momen, (his shadow is directly below him.)

  5. I love your pond! It is so full of life. :o) My pond is super teensy. Blink and you'll miss it! I wish I had a larger one like yours.

    1. The secret is to enlarge it every year, in my case, as my Mother's Day gift :)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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