Tuesday, July 23, 2013

They Shall Remain Nameless

So, I have a huge fascination for clematis

But it appears they can be quite fussy about their growing conditions

I prefer to believe that a plant is difficult and fussy
rather than blame myself for being a poor gardener :)

Anyway, here's my clematis growing strategy

I plant them here and there

And when they die off, or grow in a lacklustre fashion

I plant a new one right next to it

This way, whether the old one dies or blooms
I don't really care

Its replacement is ready to take over

And sometimes, in banner years

I get every clematis I ever planted
(some tripled up in the same spot)
all blooming at once

And this is why
much as I'd like to give you
all the names of all the clematis you see in these photos

I can't!

If you don't name something
you won't get attached to it, right?

Anyway, their tags have faded long ago
Or been thrown out in a fit of temper (mine, not theirs)

Wouldn't you know it,
this is one of those banner years

Neighbours have stopped by
to admire my gorgeous clematis display

Thinking me to be some kind of clematis "expert"
they ask me all kinds of questions about my soil, fertilizer and techniques

I hold them off for a while
fending off their questions as best I can

But when I can't produce or remember
even one of my clematis' names

I am finally exposed as the fraud
that I am:)


  1. Oh indeed you are having a banner year for clematis. Every flower is stunning! I keep a diary of plant names in my garden ~ I like remembering that kind of stuff.

  2. Ja też uwielbiam powojniki i też mam z nimi problemy. Niestety bardzo często umierają z powodu choroby grzybowej. Też kupuję nowe i dosadzam . Nazwy ich nie są dla mnie ważne. Zdjęcia śliczne. Pozdrawiam.
    I also love clematis and also have problems with them. Unfortunately, very often die from fungal disease. Also buy new and planting. Their names are not important to me. Photos beautiful. Yours.

  3. Your photos of the clematis are fabulous! I'm so glad that you and those around you are enjoying this spectacular clematis event! The color variations are so beautiful!

  4. These are a stunning array of clematis! Glad it's a banner year!

  5. These are gorgeous. I only have one clematis plant and it doesn't grow well at all. It is spindly and never flowers and I've had it for years. I haven't plucked it out or done anything to it. A former work colleague told me these are easy to grow plants that grow like weeds. I can't say mine has ever done that so I felt like a failure as a gardener :-( Now I know my clematis is fussy, lol.

  6. Your not a fraud. Your clematis are gorgeous this year because you need them to be, to remind you of the tenacity of life. Your guardian angel is a good gardener with a twisted sense of humor. They are truly gorgeous!

  7. Hi, I'm also blogging about flowers, so I thought I would start following you too. I like the photography a lot!

  8. Des couleurs et des formes merveilleuses... Vos clématites sont extraordinaires. Très belles photos et jolis mots pour les accompagner.

    gros bisous

  9. Rosemary what a wealth of Clematis flowers have you in the garden!!
    Really beautiful this time of year how beautiful they are and there you have made ​​good use of!!

  10. Gorgeous clematis blooms this year! Hooray! You are a expert otherwise you wouldn't have such beautiful clematis. If people aren't writing down what you say, they won't remember it anyway so just make up Latin names and say something like, I've forgotten the common name. Come to think of it, even if they write the name down and can't find it anywhere, It'll add to your mystique because you'll have such rare specimens. Think of it as creative writing.

    I especially LOVE the last image! How did you create the double exposure effect? I used to know how to do that back in the film days but am relatively new to this digital thing.

  11. Like you I can't remember the names of all my clematis and mine are mercurial too. I was told you need to plant them really, really deep but even so they play games with you - sometimes they are there sometimes not - prune them at the wrong time or in the wrong way and they sulk. You have captured them beautifully.

  12. Hello Rosemary,
    Beautiful series of photos of this beautiful clematis.
    The colors are so beautiful, and all are very sharp, well photographed.
    Regards, Irma

  13. WOW... what a beautiful series of the clematis!!
    I like them in all colors... so beautiful, Rosemary!
    Warm greetings from Holland,
    Anna ☼

  14. I found your blog on Anna's site and love your pictures and the words in between. The love for your garden is visible in every photograph. Beautiful!
    Greetings, Anita

  15. I can't imagine you getting into a fit of temper nor being a fraud!
    You just appreciate nature as it is, who cares how other humans have "expertly" named this or that plant! LOL!
    These blooms are exquisite and your photography a delight!
    Thanks for sharing this little bit of you! ;-)

  16. How, wonderfully, diabolically clever, making one clematis stand ready to take over for a slacker. I love it. And your collection.

  17. Gorgeous pictures. Just saw Clematis in the shop today and I was tempted to buy one but I didn't because they NEVER grow here, NEVER, and I NEVER see one bloom. So a BIG THANK YOU for sharing all your abundant Clematis blooms here. They are wonderful, no matter what their names are. And... I won't ask you what's your secret ;)

  18. Rosemary, wonderful shots! I take much care of mine, fertilize, water, dry leaves etc. but they bloom very little. And your are gorgeous!
    I think "Rouge Cardinal" is one picture #7. Is it?

  19. Woooow, your clematises are gorgeous! Love your photos, expecially the last one!!! It's difficult for me to grow them, too. But looking at your photos, I can say that you're a talented gardener:)

  20. Hey Rosemary,
    These shota are amazing. Wonderful to have so much flowers in your own garden. The clematis flowers are very beautiful with their softly colors.
    You photographed them very well. Shot 6 and 10 Are my favorites of these.

    Many greetings,

  21. I love these shots of the Clematis which is one of my favourite flowers. Its a pity we can't plant them here. I used to love the deep purple ones but after looking at your photos, I think the soft pink ones are just as lovely.

  22. No fraud at all, just one who relishes the delights of each plant, regardless of its manmade name. Your clematis are so wonderful, presented so beautifully in your photos. Your photography is just amazing as it captures emotion, not just images.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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