Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Geranium Fire

What's not to love
about a 

Your buds are
are sweet
as a rose

Your flowers,
no less beautiful

You're not bothered by
disease, or pest
or weather

You greet me in the garden
the whole summer long

In so many colours

a never-ending
display of petals and buds

Some shades are pale
full of romance and whimsy

Others are electric, vibrant, and hot

Nothing is as striking
and hard to capture

As your red-as-a-rose passion

You light my screen
on fire!


  1. Beautiful pictures of geraniums. You have lots of them in different colors. Happy gardening, Rosemary!

  2. And the smells are so inviting! Wonderful close ups on these beautiful plants. One of my favorites during the our spring months here.

  3. Hallo Rosemary!

    Sehr schöne Bilder- benutzt du auch eine "Canon" ?? Ich mag Geranien auch gerne, leider ist der "smell" nicht sooo schön!!:O)

    Ganz herzliche Grüsse von hier aus Germany


    1. Hello, thanks for your comment :) Yes my camera is a Canon and most of these photos were taken with a macro lens.

  4. Great shots, especially I love the background of the pelargonium images. The pelargonium is very simple and pretty flower for summer garden, you're right, Rosemary!
    In fall I put the pots with pelargoniums inside.

  5. You give this plant its due, beautifully, in words and images, Rosemary. I like the smell of geraniums in general and scented geraniums in particular for their fragrance, yes, but also for their ability to repel insects. Annnd, like Rosemary, geranium is simply fine herbal medicine.

  6. So beautiful, Rosemary!
    Love it very much...
    Warm greatings,
    Anna :))

  7. Gorgeous pictures again Rosemary! And such a variety of Geraniums. So beautiful!

  8. Kwiaty są piękne i te w delikatnych kolorach i te w czerwieni. Zdjęcia im zrobiłaś cudowne. Pozdrawiam.
    The flowers are beautiful and the soft colors and those in red. Photos of them did wonderful. Yours.

  9. Beautiful!! I have to admit that I was never a fan of geraniums until we sold our last house. I got several pots of them for my front porch, and I was hooked!

  10. Your photos are exquisite. I do love geraniums and have never had a problem growing them. This year however they took a long time to bloom as we had so much rain. This week they are in bloom!

  11. Hi Rosemary, you have outdone yourself today! Absolutely gorgeous captures.

  12. Good morning Rosemary
    What have you Perlagonium's beautiful sutiel mapped
    Since you have to spend a lot of attention!!
    I know how difficult and exhausting the energy is so beautiful capture! This
    Thanks for your show!!

  13. Great series of Geraniums, Rosemary.
    Very nice also worked with the aperture, in some photos.
    They are all perfectly sharp, compliment.
    Regards, Irma

  14. Hi Rosemary, you captured the loveliness of geraniums beautifully! Even though geraniums are supposed to grow well here in Southern California I have non in my garden. But at least I bought my first pelargoniums lately, I just have to pot them up in nice blue glazed terracotta containers and I think they will look fab! Happy Gardening to you!

  15. Hello Rosemary - some people do not like geraniums or the smell - I love both. Geraniums are the one plant I can rely on to flower and flower without any attention from me. They are great in our current heatwave - they are stoic little survivors.
    Love your photos, you have worked your camera magic on them.

  16. Hello Rosemary,
    What a great shots you show here!! Really amazing how you've done this so well. Wonderful with that softly backgrounds, you've used well of different focal lengths. Beautiful!!

    Many greetings,

  17. I've never seen so many different colored Geraniums~they are all beautiful! The pink and red speckled ones are so pretty! Glad you're able enjoy these beauties all summer:)

  18. I have a whole new appreciation for the humble geranium. Beautiful, soft photographs Rosemary!

  19. Marvelous photos, Rosemary!

  20. I love the hot pink and the mottled red-white. Photos are surreal and good.

  21. Beautiful done these macros Rosemary.
    Some even have a beautiful mystical aura.
    Also very nice color

  22. These are truly gorgeous flowers and you shot them real well. Never knew they are as attractive as roses and even better with no problems whatsoever. Love all the colors! Wish I have them in my garden too :-)

  23. Wow, wow, wow! Your pictures give me tingles, Rosemary!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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