Friday, July 12, 2013

Let The Trumpets Sound

The trumpets rise in my garden

Just in time

They gather in clusters
because a single trumpet won't do

The news must travel far

We hover over my daughter
waiting, seeking, hoping for
good news

and cherish each ray of light,
each golden morsel

After a month-long stay at the hospital
she will be released
to come home
within the next two weeks


A glorious dreamy moment

There may be more bumps
in the road ahead
but for now
we are cherishing
this fresh hope

I would like to thank everyone
for your support and encouragement,
your prayers and wishes

At last
Good News

let the trumpets sound!


  1. Dear Rosemary,
    I am glad to hear your good news! My thoughts and prayers are still with your little daughter and your family.

  2. Dear Rosemary - my eyes are filled with tears of happiness for you all to hear this encouraging news - let the clarion call ring out for all to hear.

  3. Son tan bellas tus fotos que me has dejado con la boca abierta!.Realmente una maravilla estas imágenes.
    Un abrazo grande.

  4. Truly a time for a trumpet fanfare to herald the good news and renewed hope. Your beautiful family continues to be in my thoughts and prayers!

  5. Niech te piękne trąby ogłaszają, że córka wraca do domu i będzie dobrze. Bardzo się cieszę. Pozdrawiam cieplutko.
    Let these beautiful trumpet to announce that her daughter coming home and going to be fine. I am very happy. I greet warmly.

  6. It's a long story how I reach your blog but glad I did. Being a visual guy from birth, I was blown away by the beauty you have there in your backyard. Also, your photography skills have made the flowers more beautiful.

    Good wishes from India. :)

  7. Best wishes to you and your daughter. I hope she is soon restored to complete health.

  8. of you.....and hoping for the best...great pictures

  9. The good news is that she is coming home. Cross your fingers that in no time, she'll be back in full health again. Sending positive vibes your way. Hang in there:)

  10. Rosemary you have the lovely Lily-scheduled and all details shown This is a strong point of yours!
    And the title is also top invented!!

  11. I'm glad to hear your daughter will get home. I hadn't realized that she's ill. I'm so sorry for that. I hope she'll be in good health again. It's heartbreaking when children don't feel well or have to be in a hospital. I'm happy you can be together at home again! How old is your daughter?

  12. Hi Rosemary,
    Good news that your daughter can go home.
    Best wishes and I hope they will be healthy again.
    Your flowers are totally awesome.
    Regards, Irma

  13. Hi !
    I can really hear the sound from this trompet ! Beautiful colours again.

  14. Rosemary,
    your photos are stunning, conveying your feelings.
    I know that your daughter has experienced a lot for her age, she had suffered such heavy moments in the hospital.
    And I'm glad that she comes home, let it will last longer!
    God bless her!

  15. Rosemary you've really outdone yourself here...these just might be some of the loveliest shots I've ever seen :) LOVE the third one. My thoughts and prayeers are with you and your daughter. I hope she feels better soon.

  16. Indeed, let the trumpets sound, with news as good as your images are beautiful.

  17. Hello sweet Rosemary,
    Your flower pictures are always so gorgeous, one of the best I see on blogs.
    But mostly I would like to say how much I wish your daughter could get dramatically better soon.
    It is good that you loose your thoughts in photography to get your mind off and take in the splendour of mother nature.
    God bless her and all your family

  18. and they are so beautiful with beautiful words, Rosmary!
    I can almost smell them over here... love it!
    Warm greetings,
    Anna ;))

  19. Stunning and such a beautiful post Rosemary. I celebrate with you and continue to send my prayers for your daughter that her health returns and her homecoming is all that you (and no doubt she too) are dreaming of and hope for!!!

  20. Beautiful, Rosemary. My thoughts and prayers are with you and for your daughter.

  21. So sorry to hear your daughter has been ill. I wish her a speedy recovery. Your lilies are divine x

  22. Oh Rosemary, I didn't know your daughter was not well. Forgive me. Now that she's out of the hospital, here's wishing her speedy recovery and may God bless her with good health, beautiful spirit and strong courage to face life again. My prayers are with you Rosemary so stay strong. Wish I knew about this earlier.
    Love the celebration in your garden welcoming joy and happiness in your family!
    Warmest regards and thoughts. Take care.

  23. Beautiful colors and nice macros of these lilies Rosemary. The details you know magnificent display. Lovely to see :-)

  24. I hope eventually, everything would be fine with your daughter - may she have a miraculous recovery. Wishing you all the strength under this trying times.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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