Friday, April 5, 2013

Candy Shop

Going into the Botanical Greenhouses, I thought I would behave properly.

After all, I am an adult.

I had planned to calmly and professionally
take down the names
of EACH exotic flower
I photographed.

And then I saw the first flower,
followed by the second and third.

Click, click, click,
went my finger on the camera.

I rushed along the aisles,
spinning from one beauty to another.

Like a kid in a candy shop,
my eyes grew large
and my heart tapped a double beat.

I stuffed my camera full of photos;

as many as it would hold!

I forgot all about documenting my journey.

So, thanks to me,
you are going to be none the wiser
about the names of the plants I am posting today.

You will have to settle for feasting your eyes -
like I did!

In the end,
it's not "information" that I came here for.

It was to fill my senses,
to be reminded of what a magical world we live in.

On Monday, it will be back to reality for me and my blog.
P.S. It's snowing wonderful white snowflakes this morning :(


  1. Hello Rosemary is a great series, this brings some color this spring.
    Very nicely done!
    Greetings Irma

  2. Też bym nie miała umiaru w robieniu zdjęć. No i dobrze zrobiłaś, bo kwiaty są cudowne. Pozdrawiam.
    I would not have moderation in taking pictures. Just as well you did, because the flowers are wonderful. Yours.

  3. I recognize many of the orchids--cattleyas, lady slippers, etc. And some azaleas, oxalis, begonias, amaryllis, etc., but you're right, it's not about the names. It's about reveling the the overwhelming beauty.

    1. Thanks for helping me out with the names of my anonymous flowers Connie :)

  4. Thanks for the eye candy Rosemary! What a feast!

  5. I'm not the only person who goes in with the best intentions and gets swept up in the beauty of plants! Phew!

  6. je mab er dan niets bij geschreven hebben,maar het is er echt niets minder om je enthousiasme straalt er vanaf .

  7. Comme je comprends votre trépidation à la vue des ces merveilles... je suis là captivée par vos clichés... Merci pour ce partage.

    Gros bisous à vous et bonne fin de semaine.

  8. Flower, thy name art Beauty.

  9. What a color sensation this was!

  10. Wow, those are some breathtaking blooms, especially that one that looks like a striped lady slipper.

  11. had me laughing here with your excitement!
    Wonder how it would be for you to be living surrounded by these flowers everyday :)

  12. Whoa.. breathtaking! Orchids alone cover such a spectrum of colour and form!

  13. Hello Rosemary - beautiful pictures you show of some beautiful flowers. Wish you a good weekend :)

  14. LOL yes, hard not to go mad when you see all this beauty...I would have behaved like you :-))) The photos are stunning and I do recognize some of the flowers :-) Have a nice weekend.

  15. Wonderful post Rosemary. I recognise about half of these flowers and also the singing heart as you skipped from one delight to another. What a marvellous time you must have had!

  16. Absolutely striking images!
    Magic for the eyes and how wonderdul to admire since it is has snowed also this morning in the south of France!!
    Thanks for sharing, Rosemary and enjoy your WE!

  17. Oh Rosemary
    Thank you.
    I was in paradise.
    Flowers and photos are great.
    I send greetings.

  18. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!

  19. Excelente macros com qualidade das lindas flores que são eximias na beleza.
    parabéns pela sua linda apresentação e pelos belos registos.

    1. Hi and welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by :)

  20. Hello Rosemary,
    You've made very great shots of these very beautiful colored flowers.
    Shot 1 and 8 are my favorites, they are really amazing. Well done!!

    Many greetings and have a good weekend,

  21. Hi Rosemary, your photos are amazing. These are so beautiful!

  22. I am very happy to be able to appreciate
    how their wonderful photos. Hug and thanks

  23. j'aime bien le troisième cliché

  24. Look at all the bright and vivid colors in these pics!! Amazing Rosemary.

  25. Jeez Rosemary,
    I'm quite ff very keen to look at :-)
    What a beautiful flower, and what a schitternede colors. You are here just happy :-)
    Greetings, Helma

  26. I'd rush like a mad in such a beautiful candy shop! Soooooooo lovely! Great pictures, Rosemary. Thank you for this flower therapy!

  27. Takker for de gode billeder af de mange smukke blomster.
    Jeg har nydt dem.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.

  28. I can totally imagine how you felt in there. You described it so well, like a kid in a candystore, clicking away. Thank you for the gorgeous images! So beautiful, exotic and colourful. Brightens up every day!

  29. Wonderful macros with fantastic detail! And some color to get you excited for what's to come:)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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