Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Until Next Time


It seems too soon to say

I could watch you

For a lifetime

And still be surprised

By your transformation

I pat you into the ground in the fall

You're no more than a hope
and a promise

I've no idea if I'll get to see you at all

Even though I have all winter to forget about you

I recognize you the minute you appear

But nothing can prepare me for
how much I need to see you

or how beautiful you are

In every colour
At any time of day

The last of my tulips are finishing

I can't believe it's time to say


  1. What a beauty, Rosemary! It's pity that we have to say Good bye to the tulips :((
    Some of them will bloom the next spring , but some - won't.

  2. So brief is life; so fleeting beauty. Would that spring could linger just a little longer. You captured this moment beautifully and made me decide to order more bulbs for fall planting!

  3. I did not realize how beautiful tulips were up close and personal. I still have a few left blooming. It seems too soon they are finished for the year.

  4. Hi Rosemary, what great pictures of the tulips.
    I love them all perfectly photographed.
    Regards, Irma

  5. Gorgeous pictures!!How beautyful the tulips are.
    Greetings from Germany

  6. Rosemary!
    Great pictures.
    Already said goodbye with tulips.
    I am sorry, because I love these flowers.

  7. You did it again Rosemary! Wow! Wonderful images and beautifully accompanied by your words.
    PS I need to 'pat'(didn't know the exact English word yet, so I guess that's it?) more tulip bulbs into the ground here next Fall.
    And I really need to buy myself one of those macro-lenses you pointed me to as well, such beautiful close-ups again!

  8. heerlijke foto,s wat een pracht.

  9. The beauty of your words matches the exquisiteness of your photos. Aren't tulips just the most amazing flowers....

  10. It is so sad when flowers pass on, I feel the same, but before I know it something exciting and new is busy opening up to take its place.

  11. Beautiful! We only get tulips here cut at the florist's. How lovely it must be to have them in all their natural glory.

  12. Beautiful, Rosemary...I especially love the droplets.

  13. Rosemary, those are gorgeous pictures! Your ode to the tulips is also lovely.

    Ours have already disappeared but we still have irises.

  14. Those are beautiful photographs. What kind of lens do you use?

    1. Hi Rick and thank you :) Depending on the light and the background, I've either used my Sigma 120-400mm lens or my regular 28-80mm with a clip on macro lens.

  15. Yes, that is the thing about tulips and some others like peonies ... they are always gone too soon. Wonderful closeup shots.

  16. Great pictures / close-up viewing of some beautiful tulip. :)

  17. I can't believe either that you have to wait a whole year to see these wonders again . My yellow rose climber is flowering right now ,beautifully scented flowers , but it flowers just once , and I have to wait another year...not fair ! Great shots as always !

  18. That is a nostalgic post, Rosemary!
    But oh so true!
    Flowers appear and we feel elated and they disappear gently and so often in an unnoticed way while others bloom close by and all of sudden summer is over and we are left with the expectancy of spring for their renewal!
    How beautifully put into words with these magnificent photos, WOW!

  19. Wow! So romantic! You're talented to photograph and use words, Rosemary.

  20. Hi !
    Beautiful macro flowers, number one is my favourite.

  21. Lots of gorgeous blooms!!! Tulips always awaken my excitement for summer. My first year living in Arizona, I potted up a lot of bulbs and put them all over my house and at work. I was so happy by all the colors. Renewal is what comes to mind when I see these gorgeous numbers.

  22. I know how you feel. It seems just yesterday they were here coloring the garden when nothing much was there. I miss them, too. Gorgeous ode to tulips!

  23. I did not understand why I was so much behind you, but in one way or another were you from my blog list. Now I have used you right back there.

    Beautifully these photos and that the drops also give an extra dimension :-)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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