Saturday, May 25, 2013

Hearts For Sale

Hearts for sale
They're worth the price

Feeling blue?
Don't think twice

Better reach out
Pick one quick

Without a heart
You'll be lovesick

A happy heart's
Like a summer day

It fills you up
Chases your cares away

Best choose wisely
One that's right for you

Nothing lasts longer
Than a heart that's true

Do be careful
Hearts can break

Always give more
Than you ever take

So, what's the price
For this precious heart?

Cherish it, so
That you'll never part

Hearts For Sale
By: Rosemary Danielis


  1. This has been a great year for bleeding hearts.

  2. Oh Rosemary, you've reminded me of a beautiful plant that I so loved when we lived in Alaska. I miss the delicate, heart-shaped flowers that you have captured perfectly along with the verse.

  3. Gorgeous photos, Rosemary. What an inspirational post.

  4. These macros are breath taking. Thanks for sharing the beauty.

    Thank you too for your comment about the rains in Kenya. The truth is that there are in fact drought stricken regions of the country such as in the desert areas (in the north and in the far north east). In other places they have been beseiged by rain and the rains have kept coming for at least over a 2 year period, perhaps longer. Too much of something is not good.

  5. Hello Rosemary. Nice Lieutenant Heart - Dicentra spectabilis you show. Really like the beautiful flower. :)

  6. What a beautiful flower, cheers Rosemary.

  7. Your hearts have the same little markings down the white part as mine do. I noticed it for the first time this year when taking macro photos. I am not sure what it is - do you think that it is little beads of nectar? or may be it is where rain has penetrated?

  8. Love this plant , planted one in the garden last year, but it hasn't come again this year ....probably due to lack of light , even though it should be quite hardy even in a shade position. Your words are sweet as ever :-) Have a nice Sunday.

  9. Gorgeous work, both in word and photos Rosemary! So pleased you are enjoying snap-on macro, you use it so well!

  10. Hello Rosemary,
    What a good shots!! These flowers are so special with the shape of a heart and wonderful to see with great colors. You've photographed them very well.
    By chance I saw these flowers yesterday, when I was in my favorite Zoo, for the first time in real life. I have photographed them there yesterday too.

    Many greetings and have a good sunday,

  11. Beautiful pictures of these flowers hearts.
    Pictures are perfectly sharp and with many deatils.
    Well photographed Rosemary, compliment.
    Regards, Irma

  12. Rosemary, your poem is great! You've got a talent!
    The photos, macros are wonderful, I love dicentra, very unpretentious plant.

  13. Hello Rosemary!

    I`m happy,that you follow me! the Pictures of you blog are very nice. The name of this beautiful flowers is " Tränendes Herz"! Did you this?

    The Weather here in Germany is very bad still rains :O(
    How is it in your town?

    Lovely greets from germany


  14. wat een weelde in je tuin dit is genieten.

  15. O my goodness, how very pretty and unusual! We don't have those here, so they are fascinating!

  16. Beautiful photos and prose!

  17. Love it so much, Rosemary!
    Really gorgeous... all those ♡'s
    Warm greetings from Holland,
    Anna :))

  18. Beautiful!!! I love bleeding heart. It's one of my favorites. It has such a clever design. :o)

  19. Oh my gosh, Rosemary, you are right. Nature is amazing. I just got home from Scotland. For some reason I couldn't post on Blogger while I was there, but I'm trying to make up for it now :-)

  20. Hello Rosemary.
    I came over to you from Rosemary at "Where five valleys meet"..
    I took a look at your blog and profile..
    I am following you. Your blog looks very interesting, looking forward to reading more.
    My name is val.
    This is a lovely post.. what a beautiful plant. I am not very good with the name of plants.. but i love gardens and especially mine.
    best wishes for a happy Monday

    1. Hello Val, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by :)

  21. These heart shaped blooms are so bright and cheerful; they surely would make me smile each time I came across them. I've never seen anything like them, though. Your poem is superb, with such meaningful words!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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