Wednesday, December 2, 2015

And So It Begins

Winter is playing a game of peek-a-boo with us,
you know how it likes to keep things fun.

A little frost here to decorate the flowers that remain,
a dusting of snow there that disappears by mid-day...

It knows how downright unenthusiastic we can be
when it first arrives so it likes to keep us guessing,
is it here or is it not?

We become increasingly grumpy and morose
as everything around us shrivels up and dies
once the cold temperatures set in.

Our colourful landscape is stripped bare,
reduced to black and white.

And the plants that once brought us such happiness and joy?
They've turned into scary-looking monsters
that shiver in place and haunt our garden.

But, this does happen every year.
Don't lose heart.

In no time, once our eyes lose all memory
of what vibrant spring, summer and fall colours look like,
all that white fluffy stuff
will appear more and more beautiful.

Of course, there are also winter survival strategies:

You can always pretend it's just not happening.
This liar seagull is splashing around
in -1 C sun-dappled water,
but you'd never know it.
Because it's swimming in the balmy waters
of Lake Denial!

Dreaming of warmer temperatures
and soft, flower-scented breezes works well too.

If you do it right
by the time you wake up
it'll be Spring again!

But, probably the best strategy of all
is to find your inner glow,
(we all have one.)

Surround yourself with the warmth and light
of family and friends.

Laugh, complain,
be daring and go outside.

There's plenty to enjoy about every season.


  1. Boa tarde, estas suas fotos transporta-me para um mudo de beleza, admiro o seu trabalho fotográfico.

  2. Brilliant last couple of photos here. There is magic in every season. I look forward to returning to your lands in just a couple of weeks and finding myself, hopefully, in a winter wonderland or near an ice cold lake! Snowy owls, Snow Buntings.....this time of year brings in a different kind of life and it's amazing. It's the overcast and cloudy skies every day that can beat a person down. I think I'd own a greenhouse if I lived there:) You're last two photos Rosemary are amazing. That is art. Have a great weekend and keep warm!

    1. Hello Chris, thank you for the wonderful compliments :) You would be disappointed if you visited me right now. We are shockingly without snow (something most Montrealers are celebrating.) That's why I'm posting photos of seeds instead of all that fluffy white stuff! My fingers are crossed for a white Christmas.

  3. If we didn't have winter I wonder if we would appreciate our other seasons so much, and as you mention there are compensations - sitting in front of a blazing fire with family and friends, mug of chocolate to hand, special moments that say winter is here.
    Always love your images.

    1. Thank you so much Rosemary :) Winter has decided to be fashionably late this year and we are without snow! I'm not missing it yet but it does feel slightly unnatural to be walking around in regular shoes and a light jacket in December.

  4. What a beautiful post and subject. I found myself absorbed throughout, and then disappointed when it ended.

    1. Hello Gary, nice to see you again :) I'm so happy you enjoyed my photos and will zoom over to your blog to catch up on your news. Hope all is well and I wish you a happy holiday time.

  5. I am looking for my inner glow! Lovely pictures and words. Groetjes,

    1. Hetty, your pictures always have a beautiful glow that I'm sure comes directly from you!

  6. Rosemary the first and penultimate images are like a fairytale!

    1. Thank you very much Neyon. For me, nature is a magical place :)

  7. I so enjoyed your pictures and words, especially the black and white ones are magnificent: cold and wintry!

    1. Thank you so much Janneke, the cold and winter have run away and it feels like an extended autumn right now :)

  8. Bonjour chère amie,

    Un grand merci pour votre gentil message, il me touche beaucoup.

    Un petit billet tout en douceur et rempli d'optimisme et d'encouragement pour ceux qui comme moi n'aiment pas l'hiver !! Effectivement il ne fera que nous faire plus apprécier le printemps et l'été !!.
    Vos photos sont simplement incroyables et merveilleuses. Vous êtes une petite fée qui nous charme avec de belles surprises.

    Gros gros bisous ♡

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words Martine, so beautiful said, and even prettier in French. I hope you are feeling much better. Merci beaucoup!

  9. Rosemary, your blog is always such a treat to visit with stunning photos and accompanying commentary. I am one of those pretending winter is not happening – I just keep on gardening and pile on the layers when I go outside. Without snow and frost it is possible to garden all year here so I know I am fortunate – but many people over here stop in October and don’t start again until March, just like in colder countries.
    I would get serious withdrawal symptoms :-)

    1. Thank you Helene. We've had the unusual surprise of no snow so far :) It's wonderful that you are able to, and enjoy taking care of your plants all year!

  10. Hello Dear Rosemary!
    All your pictures are excellent.
    Another very nice post.
    I have a nice week.

    1. Thank you Lucia, I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

  11. I really like the idea of surround yourself with the warmth and light of family and friends as a way to beat the winter blues. So far winter here has been mild so no complaining from me!

    1. We are having an unusually warm winter with no snow at all on the ground, it feels so strange! People here are not complaining too much :)

  12. Beautiful photos and wonderful lyrics.
    The colors of your photos are truly wonderful clean and pleasing to the eye :-) an achievement in these pictures. My compliments.

  13. Very beautiful!!! I absolutely love the first image of the pink buds with the little furry caps, wow. Hehe, I get the winter glum blues, but you've got the pics to show that winter still has a lot of beauty to offer! :) Plus, cuddling up with hot cocoa inside is fun and cozy, even if I do feel a lot less like going outside for my walks these days, lol. I do have to look a lot harder for loveliness and color, but it's there, and your blog is a little island of beauty too - thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so happy you like the photos :) I think there is beauty to be found in each season.


Thank you so much for your kind words :)