Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The Secret Garden

I know of a garden, you might know one too,
It hides a big secret, as all gardens do.

There's magic in this place, and wonders to be found.
Creatures pass through it, with barely a sound.

They don't say too much, they're busy you see,
They're not in the garden to entertain me.

To each flower they fly, in a blinding zoom,
They're making sure, each plant will bloom.

Some inch along, wearing fabulous fur,
They must eat a lot, so transformation can occur.

Others lay out traps, and then run to hide,
Only when it rains can you see the gems inside.

At the end of every day there shines a special light,
Made of all different colours, so beautiful and bright.

That's the secret of a garden, tell others if you dare,
Understand that if you do, they will want to join you there.


  1. The first picture looks like our Hummingbird hawk moth - I haven't found one in the garden this year. They arrived in this country about 10 years ago from the Continent.
    Macro photographs are lovely, you make discoveries unseen by the naked eye, and yours are especially beautiful to see.

  2. Dear Rosemary, fantastic! I know how difficult it is to make a good shot. Great job. Groetjes, Hetty

  3. Just gorgeous photos of nature !!

  4. This poetry speaks great truth. My back garden has always been my favourite place in which to roam and spend time. It is not just the insects but the plants that also have a magical life they radiate. It enriches my every cell.
    I love the fifth photo; it's so soft and makes my mind peaceful.

  5. Your photos are as exquisite as always Rosemary, especially the last one – truly amazing!

  6. Beautiful is this mysterious garden.
    Picture 5 is really fantastic. Beautiful pictures and very magical :-)

    Warm regards, Helma

  7. Hello Dear Rosemary
    Your garden is enchanted.

    Here are wonderful flowers and interesting insects.
    Your photos are excellent, as always.
    Greetings from Poland.


  8. Hoi Annemarie ,
    Geweldig mooie serie top ,
    groetjes, Annie


Thank you so much for your kind words :)