Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Last One

It's sad but true,
that when we have something in abundance
we can become nonchalant about it.

For a number of reasons
(mainly raccoons)
I rarely have more
than one or two lily pad flowers each summer.

I'm starting to think this is a good thing.

Because they are scarce,
I drool over each stage of their development.
From just barely visible under water
to the emerging bulb,
until finally, they are the gorgeous,
pink, multi-petalled, floating beauty you see here.

I'm happy they are so rare
because this makes me regard them
as precious.


  1. Gorgeous! Naughty racoons:) I love these flowers as well. Don't get to see them often.

  2. Beautiful images you've got over there, I love 'em.

  3. Beautiful images you've got over there, I love 'em.

  4. You have made me feel better about the fact that my little pond lilies are less than abundant too - mine are white

  5. Very pretty water lily, Rosemary!
    I have 4 lily pad in my pond and all of them are in bloom now, but my big problem is their wintering.
    Lovely photos!

  6. This is so true . . . enjoy your lilies, they are magnificent :)

  7. Beatuful! Although I do not have them in my garden


Thank you so much for your kind words :)