Thursday, July 17, 2014

Ants On A Mission

In case you ever wondered what those pesky ants do all day...

Over here, they're busy playing (or working?) in my flowers :)


  1. Love the photos! Ants have always fascinated me.

    I was watching ants on my grape vines yesterday. They were milking aphids that were sucking the juice from the tender, new leaves. Of course, I had to spraying the aphids with soapy water--I want my yummy grapes. So the ants will have to find a new food source.

  2. I agree with Connie. I sprayed aphids and ants on my plum tree, I want my plums and hate busy ants.Of course they have their own life, eggs, new ants etc. but they better have all it far from my trees.

  3. Beautifull!! I have the same the colour!

  4. Beautifully captured! I have lots of hemerocallis, although they are almost finished flowering now, I have never seen any ants interested in them, perhaps they got other plants in my garden that are more of interest to them :-)

  5. Beautiful colors Rosemary.
    These colors make happy :-)

  6. Geweldig mooi moment met die mieren in het hart van de bloemen.

  7. Rosemary,
    I love the world you show me! Fantastic!
    All my best and happy days

  8. Such industrious little fellows :)

  9. Hello Rosemary, I am delighted to have found your blog. Your garden photograph is amazing. Your shots bring joy to my heart. Do come visit; I would love to have you as a mutual follower. I so enjoy meeting and making friends with creative people.
    Have a marvelous week & do keep taking these incredible photos.
    Your new blogging sister, Connie :)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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