Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Crazy In Love

Crazy in love
In love with crazy :)

I can't help it...  I love my crazy-looking monarda!

Whether they're dancing out to greet me with a sideways smile

Or trying to scare me with their bright red tentacles

They always tip their Mad-Hatter hats
in my direction

Sometimes I get a surprise "hat-in-a-hat!"

They are more Halloween...

Than Halloween itself
(Mr. Hitchcock would be proud :)

They gather in my garden
in unplanned drifting clusters

But infatuated as I am
I only have eyes (and camera) for one at a time

My first love was Mr. Red
But lately...

This fuscia-purpley one has caught my eye

Unless -

I see this candy-pink fluffy creature

Which is a stunning hot-pink before it fully opens

And now there is a new temptress in my garden 

Monarda Bradburiana is her name
(I could fall for her too)

Oh, what the heck
I'll be crazy in love
with them all!


  1. Wow....these are fantastic Rosemary,
    colors are so intens.

    Greetings, Joop

    Maybe you will take a look at my other blog `Photo´s in big size `you are welcome.

  2. Beautiful flowers again Rosemary. Nicely captured photos of this unusual plant. Hope you're enjoying the garden :-) it looks like you are:)

  3. Love your photography again Rosemary AND the words to go with the photos.
    Your last picture is absolutely fabulous, wow, love it, great combination of colours and amazing athmosphere!

  4. I'll be crazy right with you. These are stunning! Mad Hatter is a perfect description!

  5. Wonderful pictures! Now I love your monarda too!

  6. Lovely Monardas. My Monarda seedlings and plants, which I bought this spring, don't bloom yet, but maybe next summer.. Beautiful pictures, Rosemary.

  7. Gorgeous photos, as usual, Rosemary! I've never seen monardas through a macro lense. "Hat-in-a-hat" flower is interesting! It might be effect by some fertilizer... Thank you for sharing!

  8. Hi Rosemary,
    Beautiful pictures of the flowers.
    They are great sharp and with lots of details, well done!!.

    Greetings Irma

  9. They are magnificent, as are your photos! I've not seen these flowers before - the same as your header photo. Looks like your new lens is joining you in the joyous dance.

  10. I agree, Rosemary, monarda is crazy and funny flower. I love the photo of candy-pink one! Do you like to put some leaves of monarda in a cup of tea with tea bags? It reminds the earl grey tea with bergamote.

    1. I have never tried monarda tea Nadezda, but now you have made me very curious :)

  11. Thanks for your humming bird's perspective on this wonderful and silly looking favorite! Lovely!

  12. Wat een prachtige serie van deze Monarda flowers Rosemary !!
    Great !!!!!

  13. They are so beautiful...i like Monardas also....greets from Erwin

  14. Der er så meget eventyr og poesi i dine billeder.

  15. So so beautiful...I can most certainly see why you would be crazy in love with them :)

  16. Lovely Monardas and lovely photos :-) I haven't tried growing Monardas yet, they are on a very long list of plants I would like to grow but can't really find the space for right now.

  17. Beautiful, touchable and yours Rosemary.

  18. I have never seen the likes of this monarda before. Its is unique, unusual and crazy-looking, just like how you described it.

  19. Fabulous monardas! I just added this flower to my garden this year, but I didn't realize there were so many different kinds! Loved your descriptions, too. This is one crazy looking flower, but that bradburiana is just lovely.

  20. Rosemary really great! What a beautiful pictures! The colors but also the sharpness / depth. Really beautifully done. Photo 8 is really my favorite. Which institutions have made ​​this beautiful picture?
    Very nice weekend.

    1. Hello Helma, many of these photos were taken late in the day with very little sunlight. I was surprised to discover the wonderful colour this time of day brings out in the flowers. For #8 I used my macro lens, camera is on automatic settings with low natural light.

    2. Thank you for your explanation Rosemary. I think it's really a great shot!

  21. So beautiful, Rosemary. I can almost smell them. :)

  22. I love monarda, too. They're one of my favorite plants. They always look like they're having a bad hair day but just don't care. :o)

  23. I always appreciate the way you present your flowers and their 'portraits'! LOL!
    These remind me of the 'Lion's tails' we had in our african garden, but they were orange!
    Keep well Rosemary!

  24. Beautiful collection of flowers, pictures fantastic
    Greetings http://kolorywogrodzie.blog.onet.pl


Thank you so much for your kind words :)