Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lilac Light

 The sky is coloured with lilac light.

I had to look up the name of this lilac (to the left) because the tag for the plant disappeared a long time ago.

It is a French Hybrid Lilac called Sensation.  I bought this little beauty as a rooting  five years ago and finally this Spring it has produced its very first flower.

My garden is like an eternal surprise party...  I walk around a corner and SURPRISE!

Here's the plant you forgot you ever planted...

Or thought had died...

Or thought would never bloom!


  1. Dear Rosemary - it is a beautiful sensation too, really pretty edged in white, never seen it before.
    Although your snow lingered long, your flowers seem to be catching up with mine. Does everything suddenly have a rapid growth and spurt with you?

    1. Yes, Rosemary, everything happens all at once and despite my best efforts I'm always behind in the weeding, pruning, planting, etc. Luckily for me I can crop my photos so that they show only what I wish to be seen :)


Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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