Thursday, April 21, 2011

Re-united and it feels so good!

Ah, the drama that goes on in my backyard.
     Family reunion...  will the kids know who their parents are, and more importantly, will a parent accidentally eat a child?      Wait, what?

Yes, it's all about the goldfish moving from their horrifically cramped, plastic tub, into their glorious, circular pond.  Aside from the drama of being caught in a net (nobody likes that), and making sure the temperature change from indoors to outdoors isn't too drastic, it's all about "being set free."

We all love being set free, right?

This spring we added some family drama into the mix.  Last summer we were surprised to find we'd unknowingly transferred a water-plant full of fish eggs from the goldfish pond to my non-fish, supposed-to-be dragonfly pond. 

So, what I thought were dragonfly nymphs, or tadpoles, turned out to be 34 baby goldfish!  (Yay, but not really.)

The babies had to be kept in a separate tub, indoors all winter, until they could be re-united with their parent(s) this spring, outside in the old/new pond.

Thank goodness, no one ate anyone they shouldn't have and now we have one huge, happy family!

Memo to self: do not transfer ANY plants from the goldfish pond to the non-goldfish pond.

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