Monday, March 14, 2011

Love's Price

              Love's Price

              Right from the start,
                 You stole my heart.
              Your crooked grin,
                 Made my heart spin.
              Went for a ride,
                 On the wild side.
              Before too long,
                 Our love went wrong.
              And now I see,
                 You lied to me.
              You broke my heart,
                 Tore it apart.
              I rolled the dice,
                 And paid love's price.
              Sad to behold,
                 A heart gone cold.


  1. I lovvve it! Maybe it isn't such a lucky number 7...

  2. See?? That's what happens to bullies. The whole deck ganged up on Seven because Seven Ate Nine so they iced him, cement shoes in winter baby!!!


Thank you so much for your kind words :)