Saturday, September 18, 2010

Give a Weed a Chance

This is the time of year when weeds get away with... I was going to say murder but maybe that's a little dramatic. They get away with growing.

The weed: a gardener's enemy. They take the place of our most prized plantings, sucking the nutrients from the soil, making us look lazy and uncommitted.

In the habit of pulling out weeds before they have a chance to get established, I am always surprised to find out that: they were even there at all, they can grow quite tall and they have flowers.

Given the chance to bloom, those flowers can sometimes be surprisingly beautiful.

When your other plants have given up, stopped flowering and dropped their leaves, the weed can provide you with something to marvel at.

Give a weed a chance and it will prove it deserves a place in your garden, your September garden.

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