Thursday, July 22, 2010

A Birthday Surprise!

I was wondering where to go for my 50th birthday... and decided to celebrate it somewhere special, somewhere I love being every day. My garden.

My children asked what they could buy/do for me. Such pressure, what to do for my 50th. The number itself seems such a big deal that I wanted the opposite. Something not big, no pressure, just an everyday joy. My garden.

Funny how it always comes back to that.

I asked each of them to make me a sign. A simple wooden hanging sign for me and my garden. The last few weeks they have been busy planning, whispering, drawing, and colouring their plans. I can hardly wait to see what they have created!


  1. What? are 50th???, i can believe it....Erwin

  2. Wonderful! I know the feeling well too. Are you really 50? Your profile photo looks half this age. I will be 50 later this year also.

  3. Oh...just saw the year - makes you 53 this year?



Thank you so much for your kind words :)


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